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Happy Solstice- Time To Play In All The Light!


Photo from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) by Dr. Alex C. Young
Photo from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) by Dr. Alex C. Young

I absolutely adore the solstice points of the year: these curious moments where time seems to stand still, like the pause between breaths. Since the winter solstice, the Earth has been slowly inhaling. The days have been getting longer. Almost imperceptibly  at first, but living this far North, I noticed the sun setting at 11pm last night (with the most glorious colors!)

Today is the longest day,  the apex of that arc that begins to descend tomorrow, as the Earth begins to slowly exhale, with the days becoming shorter and we retreat back into that deep dark space of internal reflection and creation before the light comes back. But enough about the darkness, plenty of time for that later. Right now it’s time to celebrate the light!!!! It’s a great time to notice how the seeds of intention you planted in the darkest times are ripening! It’s been exciting to watch my own creations take form and blossom with the transformational power of the solar force that rules our lives! Cheers to you, Sun!

Also exciting, this solstice marks the day the Sun moves into Cancer, the comfortable loving, nurturing water sign. Water is the element that you can magnetize with your intention and its primary power is love, which makes this the perfect time to bath yourself in the healing powers of both love and light (my two favorite things!!!)

It would be a spectacular day to surround yourself with your loved ones and play in this energy, spending time outside in the light, bonus points if you can spend time in or around water! Refresh and replenish your spirit with fun activities and light nourishing foods directly from the earth (skipping the pop tarts in favor of garden carrots or fresh picked raspberries perhaps!).

It’s also a perfect time to celebrate the change in the seasons! It’s summer time for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and that’s definitely something I’m going to celebrate. Time to laugh, dance and play. Honor the abundance that summer brings, and spend some time deeply appreciating all the love and light surrounding you today, symbolically, metaphorically and literally!

I plan on spending the day with my family, eating and playing together, shopping for a new lego set and then I’ll be dressing up like a zebra and heading to the Zoo with Flowscience as we dance and light up the night with our LED props.

Zebra Kacie sends love, light and happiness to you all. I’ll leave you with the song ‘Here comes the Sun’ that synchronistically started playing just now by Phaeleh from his album tides:


Zebra Kacie at Astral Harvest Photo by Ra Osiris
Zebra Kacie at Astral Harvest Photo by Ra Osiris


Scorpio Full Moon: Washing Away The Last Few Walls

by Hardwig HKD cc by 2.0
by Hardwig HKD cc by 2.0

I always love the moon, and I’m ever so mesmerized by it when it’s full. Last night, I had a hard time watching the road as I was driving home. It was just shade away fullness, and it was hanging low in the early evening sky. Every time I was stopped at a light I would have to stare at it, sometimes getting lost in the images and sensations I see in it’s fullness. Something about it fills me with feelings of infinite possibilities and perfect freedom.

The new moon is a beautiful time for planting seeds of intention and creation. It’s also a time of infinite possibilities, representing all that can be;  but I connect more deeply to the freedom and joyful, ecstatic releasing of what no longer serves me when the moon is full. I feel like every time I let go of something, I have more room within my soul for something greater. I love the expansive feeling of emptiness inside my spirit, as an empty vessel ready for whatever is coming next.

This full moon is in watery Scorpio, a sign that has made me uneasy in the past. I’m really more of an earth and fire gal, and I’m very comfortable with the mental realm of air, but the deeply emotional element of water was out of my realm of experience and expertise for much of my life. I honestly didn’t like human emotions until fairly recently, especially not the deep, painful, confusing ones. It took me a long time to appreciate them as beautiful teachers: an integral part of the human experience.

Working consciously with the elements over the last few years I’ve developed a deep respect for the cleansing power of water. I no longer shy away from my feelings, but I welcome them into my body for me to fully experience. Surrendering to, rather than fighting  whatever feelings arise allows the natural ebb and flow of emotions to happen gracefully. After being fully experienced, the feelings are washed away, always leaving me feeling light and free. They no longer frighten me.

With this full moon, I welcome that cleansing water into my heart, to wash out the remaining walls I hold there. I’ve been slowly breaking these walls down and now I’m ready to smash the last bits away, honoring them for protecting me so well, and sending them back into the light with gratitude.

I am ready to open my heart all the way, to love and connect more deeply with all those I encounter.


Here are more beautiful insights on the Scorpio Full Moon from Mystic Mama.



Virgo Full Moon Crimson Tides

By Caerwynentllc, cc by 3.0
By Caerwynentllc, cc by 3.0

I’ve been having an intense experience with this Virgo full moon. I’ve boasted before that full moons don’t really get to me, but I could feel the full weight of it upon me this weekend. I was reluctant to write about the experience earlier not only because it felt deeply personal, but also I was also confused as to what exactly was happening with it’s powerful energy.

Virgo is the priestess archetype. She is an Earth sign and she reminds us to perform our sacred duties and take care of all the details in our lives. She calls us to honor the sacred within the mundane tasks of our daily lives, helping us to understand that in truth, the difference between the sacred and mundane is an illusion. All is sacred, especially our connection to the Earth through our bodies. The Virgo priestess celebrates the passing of time ceremonially and with great reverence. She loves to honor the seasons, births, deaths, weddings, anniversaries… Any excuse for a ceremony will do!

I’ve been learning how to actively work with this priestess energy since I stepped into the Priestess Process back on the Virgo New Moon in September. It’s been a lovely and powerfully introspective journey  so far and it all feels so familiar. It feels like I’ve simply been reawakening  the parts of myself that were lying dormant. None of the the energies are new-they actually feel ancient. Their awakening has connected me more deeply to my inner self, my ancestors, my lineage, to all of my sisters on the planet, to the earth herself- to everything really. I can’t begin to explain how worthwhile it has been, and now that we’re preparing for our emergence it feels like these energies are rising even more powerfully in my life.

Case in point: this Virgo  full moon energy has literally been stirring things up within me, in my womb; my power center of creativity. Since going off hormonal contraceptives last year my cycle has been unpredictable. For the first few months I was synced right up with the new moon and I felt proud that my body seemed to get back on track so quickly. I had read that you were supposed to bleed with the new moon, so everything seemed to be in order.

Then, as the year went on, things became a little more unsettled, with cycles of varying lengths. I’m sure all the travel didn’t help and the timing of my cycles switched back and forth from new moon to full moon and to something in between. It was all very confusing as I attempted to track and make sense of it all as part of my practice of listening to my body.

Then  today with the light of the full moon, I began my cycle (after a longer than usual time) and it felt significant some how. Using my google-fu I found an article on  Yogagodess called ‘Should your period land on the new moon or the full moon to be in sync with nature?’ written by Zhara Haji. She revealed that there are two traditional moon cycles for women: the red moon (full moon) and the white moon (new moon).

You won’t find a lot of literature about women who cycle with the Red Moon.  My guess is that’s because of what menstruating with the full moon represented in the past.  According to Miranda Gray, this cycle was linked to the archetype of the seductress, the enchantress and the woman who knew how to wield healing power and magic.  This was the kind of woman whose sexuality was applied to something ‘other than’ the formation of the next generation. The woman who dives deep into her depths to develop her self-awareness and then turns her energy out to help the world She was considered by our patriarchal ancestors as the ‘evil woman.’

In truth, the Red Moon cycle belonged to the medicine women, to the mid-wives, the magic-makers and the wisdom keepers of the community.  These women were not focusing their feminine energies to give birth to children. Rather their energy was used to empower other women and their communities. -Zahra Haji

Zhara summarizes this energy as  “The woman who dives deep into her depths to develop her self-awareness and then turns her energy out to help the world”. This archetypal energy resonated with me in such a deep way that reading these words was like having a bucket of cold water poured over my soul, jolting me awake, reminding me that this is who I am, this healer woman, priestess in service to spirit and to all of the universe.

Deep, deep gratitude for this new level of awareness of how my body is deeply connected to the earth, the moon and the star, reflecting the mysteries: As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.

Full moon blessings to you all!

Full Moon In Cancer- Feel The Feelings

I’ve never been entirely comfortable in the watery emotional realms.

I’m more of an fire and earth kind of gal. Air is cool too, but feelings, well… They made me uncomfortable. It’s taken years of active personal and spiritual work to get to a place where I not only appreciate feelings as an important part of the human experience, but actually as a good thing rather than just an irritating inconvenience one had to put up with in exchange for being able to play in human form.

Now I understand their role and I’m grateful for how much they teach us.

Today I received an email newsletter from the wonderful hoop dancer/yogi and wild woman Shakti Sunfire that had some beautiful words about the Cancer Full Moon:

“The Cancer Full Moon on January 15-16 speaks to the power of your emotions. Feelings are your indicators. Feelings show you that you are on the right path. Feelings demonstrate what is true for you. You create music, art and writing from the passion of your feelings. Cancer rules feelings. Cancer is about your soul power. You are being asked to pull up your personal power. Allowing your feelings to guide you because your feelings are your truth. Being balanced in your male and female energy will empower you.” -Words of wisdom from the luminous Kelley Rosano.

I love how simple Kelley makes it. “Feelings are your indicators”. You feel good, great! Do more of what makes you feel good. Feeling bad? This is an indicator something has to change in your life. Maybe it’s the situation, or maybe just your perception or attitude about the situation needs to change. You can’t control how you feel, which is what makes feelings such valuable indicators of your reality, as you see it.

The cultural emphasis has been on logic, reason and other yang ways of knowing for so long that the more intuitive and feeling side of knowledge has been devalued and often completely disregarded. Feelings aren’t imperical. They can’t be fully measured or even understood completely by anyone outside of the personal who is feeling them. Feelings are indicators of our own personal truth and that’s what makes them dangerous and subversive to the norm. They encourage individual exploration of what is true and right for the individual.

Nothing is more universal AND individual than the way we feel.

This full moon is a fantastic time to take stock of your own emotions. In order to do this, you have to slow down, and take the time to turn inward for long enough to explore how you feel.Once you’ve tuned into this vulnerable part of yourself, nurture it in whatever way feels best to you. Find a way to creatively express your feelings, and if they are guiding you to make any changes in your life, let the full moon help you gracefully release what is no longer serving you, to make room for a more beautiful possibility.

It’s Time To Shine, Radiant Ones!


Astrologically speaking, we spent the last month diving deep into the emotional realms with the archetype of Cancer, a sign ruled by the moon. This was a time to be focused on nurturing, comfort and personal growth. It was the perfect time to do that healing work, and I just so  happened to be in Atlanta with Lisa Michaels, certifying as a Natural Rhythms conscious dance facilitator. It was an amazingly supportive environment for personal growth and I was able to really dig down into the messy stuff and dance it out while I was there. But as a really fiery, earthy person myself, the watery emotional stuff always makes me a bit uncomfortable and although I’m grateful for all the lessons that the realm of feelings impart, I’m also SUPER grateful to be back in my comfort zone!

Today is the start of the Leo new moon, and the sun is also in Leo. Double Leos! What does it mean? Well, Leo is fiery action sign all about self-love, so it’s time to ramp up your radiant inner light! Shining your own light is a gift to the world as it inspires others and gives them permission to do the same! It’s time to celebrate the gorgeous awesome radiant light being who YOU are!

We are constantly receiving messages that we need to contain our fire and our radiance. Humility is a virtue and we don’t want to appear conceited or like we’re showing off. It’s a fine line, for sure and as in all things, we need to strike a balance. But Leo teaches us how to strike that perfect balance by allowing us to use our radiant self love to illuminate the world and make it a better place. It isn’t about showing off, it’s about allowing the light within us to shine as brightly as it can.

This makes this month a spectacular time to focus on illuminating your true self. Let your true essence be seen. The Real You is more inspiring than any image or idea you have about who you “should” be. The Real You is brilliant, and beautiful beyond all imagination. We are, at our core, beings of pure light who have chosen to come into these physical forms to have an experience! We should enjoy our physical bodies as well as our souls! Have fun adorning yours! This is a perfect time to take really good care of this body you’ve decided to inhabit!  There is nothing conceited about making yourself look and feel fantastic!

I’m planning on using this mega double down Leo energy to it’s full potential. I’m wearing more sparkles than usual, and I’m getting a hair cut tomorrow!  I’m also in the process of packing up all my greatest costumes for Shambhala Music Festival, (my happy place) where I’ll be dancing and celebrating my joyful radiant self all weekend, with ten thousand other beautiful, shiny, happy, radiant beings of light, dressed up and having some of their finest human experiences!




Creation Coach Training

Just as most classes are winding down, I’m throwing myself into school!

I’m training to be a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach!I realize it kind of sounds related to family planning, and the Fertility Awareness Method   but it’s not (at least not directly).  It’s a way of life coaching using the archetypes of nature to help understand and structure creation and manifestation in your life. I’m learning how to work with the wheel of the year, moon cycles, astrological archetypes and elements and I’m loving every moment of the course so far.

I’ve longed for several years to connect more deeply to nature. I was so divorced from the natural world, even when I spent time in it growing up as I resided almost entirely in my head and the world of ideas. I spend most of my childhood reading and I found nature to be a distraction from what I really wanted to be doing, which was escaping my body.

Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve been learning that I really, really love working with the natural realm. The more I connect to nature, the more whole I feel. I’ve also found within myself a deep reverence for the earth. I now know that I’m here on this planet, in this body by choice. I wanted this experience in it’s entirety, for it’s immersion into form and feeling!

I used to reject my own body, and I tried to rise above it’s human failings like emotional reactions. I wanted logic and reason to rule and when that didn’t work, I tried to use spiritual detachment to avoid feeling. I’m so lucky to have had the good fortune to have some of the most important people in my life insist that it was ok to be human, and it was ok to feel and that it was a good thing!

I’ve come full circle these days. My life is infinitely better and I am infinitely happier now that I work with my body, with my feelings and acknowledge my own place in the natural realm.

It feels like divine magic, but  it’s really just common sense to understand that when we understand and honor the natural rhythms and cycles of life instead of fighting them that things begin to flow, easily and joyfully in our lives! I’m so excited that this is something I’ll be able to share, in service to the world and everything in it!