Energy Balancing Sessions



Energy balancing is an interactive one on one session where together we explore how to balance your energy field and your life in general. We are all so busy, keeping so many balls in the air, that sometimes we neglect essential areas of our life, leading to feelings of being out of sorts or even out of control.

Energy balancing sessions can be in person or via skype and each one will be tailored to your needs, helping you to develop your intuition and learn to listen to your body and uncover all of the wisdom that lies within you. We will look at how you can use the elemental forces of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit) to support your journey to create the life you want to live.

Together, we will look into your physical, emotional, mental, action and spiritual realms,  individually and as a unified field. Ideally, each realm supports the others creating a beautiful synergy of holistic wellness. If any elements are out of balance, we will work together to find ways of supporting them. This process is diverse and intuitively guided. It will include clearing out belief systems that no longer serve you, and activating whatever you to find balance on the energetic level. There will be guided meditation, and instruction on how to re-balance yourself if you find yourself falling out of alignment.

The session concludes with a healing attunement with an activation and anchoring of the new energetic pathways.

If you are feeling stuck, stagnant, and ready for change, having an energy balancing session can give you the boost you need to begin actively creating health and happiness in your life.

If you are ready to level up your life by fine tuning what’s already working for you to greater heights, raising your vibration to magnetically attract abundance at all levels, then  an energy balancing session will take you there.

Balancing all aspects of the body, mind and soul is essential for reaching our true potential, to reach our most vibrant, radiant states of being, where all is in alignment with all there is, and you are living your soul’s true purpose.


Email or call Kacie at (780)863-5178 to arrange for your free 10 minute phone or skype consultation to see if an energy balancing session is right for you!!!


Sessions are 2 hours long,  Available in person, over the phone or via skype.



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