Hoop Dreaming: Water- The Emotional Realm


In just 4 weeks, we will be dancing together at Hoop Dreaming, a dance journey through the elemental forces of creation: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  In this video here, our facilitator Kacie gives us a brief introduction to Water: The emotional realm.

Through movement, and of course Hoop Dance, we can move feelings through our bodies that might otherwise get stuck. This allows us to have a clear, clean emotional current, rather than a stagnant swamp that can fester within us and create disease. Movement and dance are medicine and dancing with the elements allows us to come into harmony with both the world around us and our inner worlds.

We will be dancing with Water on Day 2 of Hoop Dreaming. . More information on the event is available at this link.   Tickets are on sale now for $111 + GST for this 3 day gift to yourself.

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