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Hoop Dreaming: Intro to Spirit


Hoop Dreaming is just two weeks away, happening in Edmonton, March 29th to 31st, 2019. Each week we have introduced one of the elements we will be journeying with in a quick video. This week, Kacie shares about the element of Spirit, here. This is the spark, or ineffable essence around us, and within us. You could call it soul, spirit, spark, divine  or fuzzy bit.  It is the thing that makes us ourselves, and alive.  As we dance with spirit, we will be practicing sustained spinning, which brings us in greater alignment with the universe and ourselves. When are in stillness, everything else in the universe is in motion around us, and even the molecules inside us are still spinning. Spinning ourselves, like whirling dervishes places us in alignment with all that is.

We will also be dancing in ways that allows us to dance our own essence . We each have our own perfectly unique movement style and allowing our spirits to be leaders in our dance lets this essence out to play and celebrate.

Find more information about Hoop Dreaming here.

Tickets are on sale now, $111 + GST for the weekend, available here.

Hoop Dreaming: Intro to Air (The Mental Realm)


Hoop Dreaming:  A three day hoop dance journey through the elemental forces of creation is happening on March 29th to 31st, 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta. In this three day workshop, we will be using the archetypal structures of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to focus on the mirror of the inner world with the outer world. Each week, Kacie, our facilitator has created a short video for you introducing the element and drawing a card from the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle deck from Lisa Michaels.

In this week’s video, Kacie introduces us to the Mental Realm, Air, where our thoughts and belief systems reside. This is also the angelic realm and the realm of vibrational healing modalities such as sound, light and energy work. In Hoop Dreaming, we will be using the Air realm to access any conscious and unconscious belief systems that might be holding us back from our dreams, or even from allowing us to dream big! We will use the visionary perspective of air in our hoop dance to expand our dreams and then dance them into being.

Here is Kacie, with more.

Tickets to Hoop Dreaming are on sale now, for $111 + GST per person.

More information is available here.



Hoop Dreaming: Water- The Emotional Realm


In just 4 weeks, we will be dancing together at Hoop Dreaming, a dance journey through the elemental forces of creation: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  In this video here, our facilitator Kacie gives us a brief introduction to Water: The emotional realm.

Through movement, and of course Hoop Dance, we can move feelings through our bodies that might otherwise get stuck. This allows us to have a clear, clean emotional current, rather than a stagnant swamp that can fester within us and create disease. Movement and dance are medicine and dancing with the elements allows us to come into harmony with both the world around us and our inner worlds.

We will be dancing with Water on Day 2 of Hoop Dreaming. . More information on the event is available at this link.   Tickets are on sale now for $111 + GST for this 3 day gift to yourself.

New Summer Offerings!

We are already booking into summer 2019, and we are excited to offer two new playshops for kids to add to our previous hoop dance, hip hop and disco party line up!


A blend of prop manipulation and clowning around, this fun workshop will have the kids experience juggling scarves, balancing feathers, hula hoops and ribbons, creating art that moves, to music!


This dance experience fosters emotional literacy and a growth mindset through a variety of games, interactive partner work and freestyle dance. We will play with different dynamics in movement, music and feelings, from high and low, fast and slow to legato and staccato. Kids will learn they can shift their mindset, through movement, music and the language they choose, offering them a valuable life lesson through creative self expression.

Prices start at $150 + GST for an hour, $125 for additional hours.

Our full offerings including half and full day programs can be found here.

For booking inquiries please contact Kacie at 780-863-5178 or