Soul Services

I am  here to support you in  your journey of radical self care, and can do that in a variety of ways, all designed to connect you to your radiant, radical self and help you shine your unique light as brightly as you can. My offerings include workshops, ceremonies and one on one healing or coaching sessions in a breadth of subjects, all which support your health and happiness holistically. Working with the elemental forces of creation, we  connect to our inner and outer worlds to support the healing journey of each individual and the planet as a whole

There are conscious dance, meditation and flow arts classes which foster a connection between body, mind and spirit and support a healing transmission through joyful movement.

One to One Coaching sessions are a powerful way to support your Self Care. Learn to listen to your body, heighten your intuition and work with the elemental forces of creation to effect any change you desire in your life!

I also offer energy healing to help you remove energetic blocks and balance energy using a blend of techniques including Reiki, psychic surgery, chakra balancing, crystal healing,  vibrational attunement and light body activation. If you are called to be a healer yourself, reiki training workshops are available as well.

If you’re ready to level up your life and tap into your highest potential, the most powerful transformative tool I can offer you is a personal soul balancing ceremony, which includes a personal activation of the elemental forces of creation and an energetic healing attunement.

All of these services can be provided in person, or via Skype.

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