Summer Programs for Kids

Bring a taste of Hoop Dance, Hip Hop or Disco to your summer programs!

Kacie is available for hour long, half or full day programs at your location. We bring all the equipment needed, you supply the space and the kids.

Hoop Dance:

Hula hooping isn’t just about keeping a hoop going around your waist. Kacie will teach the kids all sorts of on and off body tricks, how to link up combinations, and create their own freestyle moves.  Hoops and sound system are provided. These classes are geared for kids 5 + up,  in groups of up to 20 kids at a time, depending on the space available (outdoor spaces work well, but are weather dependent).

Hip Hop: 

A fun alternative to hoop dance if space is limited,  a hip hop workshop will include a warm up, learning fun and easy choreography to music, as well as a chance for kids to work on their freestyle moves and play interactive games to music.

Disco Party:

A fun experience on it’s own or at the end of a half or full day workshop. Kacie brings the music, disco lights and fun  dance games to be played. Can be with or without hoops, depending on the space.


A blend of prop manipulation and clowning around, this fun workshop will have the kids experience juggling scarves, balancing feathers, hula hoops and ribbons, creating art that moves, to music!


This dance experience fosters emotional literacy and a growth mindset through a variety of games, interactive partner work and freestyle dance. We will play with different dynamics in movement, music and feelings, from high and low, fast and slow to legato and staccato. Kids will learn they can shift their mindset, through movement, music and the language they choose, offering them a valuable life lesson through creative self expression.

Pricing: $150 + GST per hour, $125 +GST for subsequent hours.

Half Day (3 hours)/ Full day (4 + hours)

A full day with Kacie is tailored specifically for your group. Activities can include hip hop and hoop dance classes, hoop making, learning and/or creating choreography,  performing, and disco parties. An LED hoop dance performance is included in each half and full day workshop.


Half day begins at $375 + GST/ Full day begins at $500  + GST

Certain activities such as hoop making have additional charges, which vary with the number of participants.

For more information or to book a workshop, please contact Kacie at 780-863-5178 or