Soul Balancing Ceremony

Are you ready to level up your life in every way? If you’ve been feeling like there’s something more for you, some hidden potential you have yet to tap into just waiting to be unleashed then it’s time to take a quantum leap forward and come into alignment with all there is.

A soul balancing ceremony is a ritual activation your personal power, connecting you to your higher self and bringing you into alignment with your cosmic self and the source energy that is the unified filed of creation. We activate the elemental forces of nature as your allies, bringing you into harmony with the planet we inhabit, and re-activate the kundalini energy in your spine, to create rainbow bridge between you, the earth and the cosmos.

Receive a healing attunement, and several energetic activations, throughout the ceremony.

Throughout this process we  are strengthening your connection and awareness of all the unseen beings of light who support your journey. Consciously working with these seen and unseen forces heightens your creation and manifestation abilities which can lead to big changes in every area of your life, from relationships, health, work and wealth, but most importantly it will enhance your ability to shine your light and proudly be who you really are. You are a radiant truth seeking star, divine and made of love, who came to earth to help, to heal and to play. Be part of the the love revolution, and the ascension of humanity into awakened oneness and unity consciousness.

Soul ceremony are 2 to 2.5 hours long,  please email for rates



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