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Scorpio Full Moon: Washing Away The Last Few Walls

by Hardwig HKD cc by 2.0
by Hardwig HKD cc by 2.0

I always love the moon, and I’m ever so mesmerized by it when it’s full. Last night, I had a hard time watching the road as I was driving home. It was just shade away fullness, and it was hanging low in the early evening sky. Every time I was stopped at a light I would have to stare at it, sometimes getting lost in the images and sensations I see in it’s fullness. Something about it fills me with feelings of infinite possibilities and perfect freedom.

The new moon is a beautiful time for planting seeds of intention and creation. It’s also a time of infinite possibilities, representing all that can be;¬† but I connect more deeply to the freedom and joyful, ecstatic releasing of what no longer serves me when the moon is full. I feel like every time I let go of something, I have more room within my soul for something greater. I love the expansive feeling of emptiness inside my spirit, as an empty vessel ready for whatever is coming next.

This full moon is in watery Scorpio, a sign that has made me uneasy in the past. I’m really more of an earth and fire gal, and I’m very comfortable with the mental realm of air, but the deeply emotional element of water was out of my realm of experience and expertise for much of my life. I honestly didn’t like human emotions until fairly recently, especially not the deep, painful, confusing ones. It took me a long time to appreciate them as beautiful teachers: an integral part of the human experience.

Working consciously with the elements over the last few years I’ve developed a deep respect for the cleansing power of water. I no longer shy away from my feelings, but I welcome them into my body for me to fully experience. Surrendering to, rather than fighting¬† whatever feelings arise allows the natural ebb and flow of emotions to happen gracefully. After being fully experienced, the feelings are washed away, always leaving me feeling light and free. They no longer frighten me.

With this full moon, I welcome that cleansing water into my heart, to wash out the remaining walls I hold there. I’ve been slowly breaking these walls down and now I’m ready to smash the last bits away, honoring them for protecting me so well, and sending them back into the light with gratitude.

I am ready to open my heart all the way, to love and connect more deeply with all those I encounter.


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