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Food for Thought: What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Circles of Love, Life and Beauty From artbyglorianna
Circles of Love, Life and Beauty From artbyglorianna

Today in the Creation Coach training, we were doing a wholeness integration which focused on the complete cycle of life, including death. We were asked to spend some time contemplating what we want to leave behind when we pass.

As I tuned into to my soul’s desires, I found that I want to leave a legacy of love, peace and playfulness.

I want, more than anything, to leave an energetic imprint on this earth that is so full of love and hope that it will be felt for generations. I want to leave behind a community of souls who live with intention, with joy and in balance with their inner and outer worlds.

I’m not sure exactly what shape this will take, but thinking of it brought me a sense of peace. It’s been awhile since I’ve done an exercise like this, but I always love how much perspective it gives to your priorities. If you know what you want to leave behind, you can focus your energy on projects that build that legacy.

I have so many things I would like to do, in business and in life. More things that I could accomplish in this life, so I might as well narrow down my projects to whatever will help me leave behind that legacy of love, health and happiness.

This was especially poignant to do at a time when Southern Alberta has flooded, and 175,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, including many of my friends and family.  So much property has been destroyed, but the atmosphere that I can see has been so hopeful, with so much love and solidarity expressed throughout the province and the world. Most people are offering up their homes and resources freely, with so much compassion for their neighbors! This is the energetic legacy that will be left behind from this flood. People banding together to help each other.


Please, take a few minutes today to send love and light to those affected by the flooding. If you’re feeling called to do so, you could donate your time to help if you’re close by, or money to the Red Cross to assist the rescue and clean up efforts. Then take a few minutes to consider what kind of legacy you’d want to leave behind after your passing. I’ll bet you’re not thinking of things and stuff. I know everyone reading this is more concerned about the difference they want to make on this beautiful, wild planet of ours.

Creation Coach Training

Just as most classes are winding down, I’m throwing myself into school!

I’m training to be a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach!I realize it kind of sounds related to family planning, and the Fertility Awareness Method   but it’s not (at least not directly).  It’s a way of life coaching using the archetypes of nature to help understand and structure creation and manifestation in your life. I’m learning how to work with the wheel of the year, moon cycles, astrological archetypes and elements and I’m loving every moment of the course so far.

I’ve longed for several years to connect more deeply to nature. I was so divorced from the natural world, even when I spent time in it growing up as I resided almost entirely in my head and the world of ideas. I spend most of my childhood reading and I found nature to be a distraction from what I really wanted to be doing, which was escaping my body.

Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve been learning that I really, really love working with the natural realm. The more I connect to nature, the more whole I feel. I’ve also found within myself a deep reverence for the earth. I now know that I’m here on this planet, in this body by choice. I wanted this experience in it’s entirety, for it’s immersion into form and feeling!

I used to reject my own body, and I tried to rise above it’s human failings like emotional reactions. I wanted logic and reason to rule and when that didn’t work, I tried to use spiritual detachment to avoid feeling. I’m so lucky to have had the good fortune to have some of the most important people in my life insist that it was ok to be human, and it was ok to feel and that it was a good thing!

I’ve come full circle these days. My life is infinitely better and I am infinitely happier now that I work with my body, with my feelings and acknowledge my own place in the natural realm.

It feels like divine magic, but  it’s really just common sense to understand that when we understand and honor the natural rhythms and cycles of life instead of fighting them that things begin to flow, easily and joyfully in our lives! I’m so excited that this is something I’ll be able to share, in service to the world and everything in it!




Turning Up The Awesome!


by Scott Spooner
by Scott Spooner


I’m always looking for ways of increasing the awesome quotient in my life!

A few years ago I discovered that I could bring far more awesome into my life by not being too specific when I was calling in energy, wishing, hoping, praying or manifesting. Instead of asking for a certain outcome like increasing my income, I just started asking the universe for more awesome, in whatever form it takes.

As creative as I am, I feel like the universe has a much better perspective on things and I don’t want to limit myself to whatever happens to be in my imagination.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a fantastic new magical visualization for turning up the awesome in my life. It’s from the book Divine Magic by Doreen Virtue which is her translation of The Kybalion  which was written in 1908, purported to be the essence of the teachings of the Egyptian sage named Hermes.  Sounds a little obscure, I know, but it’s a life changing book.

The visualization is based on the principle of polarity, which states: Any two things which seem to be opposites are in fact the same thing, just on different ends of a spectrum. As an example light and darkness are two extremes of the pole called ‘illumination’. Hot and cold are two extremes on the pole of temperature.

The Kybalion says “The difference between things diametrically opposed to each other is merely a matter of degree”. To shift something up or down the pole simply requires changing it’s vibration. To heat something up, you are literally agitating the molecules so they move more quickly.

You can work with this principle of divine magic energetically by visualizing a pole with a lever on it. Virtue uses the prosperity pole as an example, with poverty at the bottom and prosperity at the top. As you visualize sliding the lever up as high as you can, you will be raising your own energetic vibration surrounding money and prosperity.

You can imagine a whole soundboard with poles for every aspect of you life. Finances, relationships, health, happiness, success, anything at all!


Now, raise the levers on all them, up as high as you can!  Max it out if possible.

I find that some levers slide easily and some take a bit more metal pressure. Once I’ve raised them up, I like to imagine an beam of white light locking them in place.

Then I turn my attention to the master control.

I see it in my minds eyes as a pole on it’s own board with a sparkly lever. The whole thing is pretty glittery and disco. It’s labeled ‘Awesome’.

I then mentally raise the awesome lever, taking my time, feeling the resistance and friction. It doesn’t always slide up easily, but once it’s at the top, I notice that I do in fact, feel more awesome.

I can literally feel my energy vibrating at a higher level. I usually feel kind of tingly and super excited about life!

Try it and let me know what you think!

It’s been so effective I’ve incorporated it into my morning routine, and I’ve definitely notice an increase in all things awesome in my days.