See what people are saying about working with Kacie, in one on one sessions, performances and workshops:

I owe you the biggest thank you EVER!!! After our session I literally skipped to the bus stop and since I have been lighter and happier. Totally changed my whole persona and approach to life.

Can’t wait to see you again, love your energy and the way you have completely changed my mindset!!”   -Alison

” I believe in magic now” – Jake, (8 years old)

Taking a class from Kacie is truly a life changing event. That may seem over dramatic but it’s true. In a world where we often take ourselves too seriously and forget what it’s like to play, Kacie creates this warm, safe, inviting environment where we are free to embrace our inner goddess/child/badass (whatever the case may be). Watching Kacie move with her hoops is hypnotic and she radiates this effortless ease and joy, which draws the inexperienced eye and is the envy of her more experienced counterparts. Everyone wants to know what it’s like to feel the way she looks, and she’s very capable of opening up herself in order to teach you how you can achieve that joy and effortlessness in your own journey. I feel very honored and blessed to have met Kacie and gotten to know her on a more personal level. Her passion for the creative process is infectious and has motivated and inspired me to spend more time playing and exploring that side of myself.”  -Tabitha

“I have worked with Kacie for over three years as a contract Artist in Residence, and it has been nothing but positive. In her capacity as a teaching artist, she has to be responsible to entire schools, creating Performing Arts units in Dance and Acrobatics, working with hundreds of kids at a time, in a very short timeline. She does so in a way that leaves everyone delighted and asking for more. If this seems like high praise, it is, and Kacie is an artist worthy of it. She is the rare mix of Artist, Entertainer and Teacher that makes this individual remarkable and an asset to every event. ”   –Danette Miles, CEO of Dani Altiere Inc, Performing Arts Residences.

Kacie is not only incredibly skilled as a dancer, but she is also a wonderful human resource full of talent and inspiration. I have learned quite a lot from Kacie merely through observation. She is truly a joy to watch! She is also a kind and patient teacher who favors clear, concise communication and interactive practice in order to engage her students. I always appreciate how free I feel when learning from Kacie. She manages to create a space that is structured with clear goals and guidelines while simultaneously allowing for freedom of self expression and a refreshing playfulness. She has wonderful eye contact and a resonant voice that carries well, two qualities in a teacher that are I very much appreciate, not to mention her absolutely dazzling smile! I would recommend Kacie as a teacher to young and old alike. She has a versatile skill set, sensitivity, creativity, and confidence that is truly inspiring. Watching Kacie perform makes me want to be a better dancer, and learning from her directly helps me become one! ”  –Lindsay

I watched your performance and wow your mastery, artistry and perfection moved me… My eyes are full of joyful tears; perfection in art does that to me. Totally inspiring!!”

Brett Miles, Musician


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