Hoop Dreaming: 3 Days Of Hoop Dance

Me Living My Dreams in Bali photo by Cadencia Photography


A 3 Day Hoop Dance Intensive – March 29th-31st, 2019 at Holy Family School in Edmonton, Alberta

Early Bird Tickets: http://site-1561053-758-3639.strikingly.com

Dance It, Dream it, Be It.

Your hoop is a magic wand (that just so happens to be a circle). Over the weekend, we will play with the elemental creation magic that happens when you connect body, mind and soul in joyful movement, in community, with hoops!

This is a multi-level hoop dance workshop, where we will be blending hoop tech with the conscious dance technique of using our intention to release what no longer serves and create new energies in our bodies and our lives.

Some hoop dance experience is recommended; all participants should be able to comfortably waist hoop and come with a willingness to expand their hearts, minds and hoop practice.

Friday Night- 6-9pm

Dance It- Celebrating and creating with the elements of Earth (the physical realm) and Fire (the action realm) on day one. We will begin with guided movement to drop in to our time together. This will get us out of our heads and into our bodies, with the goal of to connecting them with our hearts and souls.

Core and foot work will be our technical focus as we get our hoop on. This will be a fiery, high energy night, so bring snacks and big hoops (I’ll have lots available for you to try as well).

This workout is will clear us out energetically so we are open to receive on day two.

Saturday – Noon to 4pm

Dream it: Today’s focus is honoring our thoughts and feelings with the elements of Air (the mental realm) and Water (the emotional realm). This day is an invitation to examine our minds and hearts, reflecting on ourselves and our dreams.

The technical focus will be off-body: smears, waves, tosses and rolls. The tech will be taught in multiple levels, to meet everyone where they are at. More emphasis will be placed on putting these moves into flow, as we consciously choose what we are dreaming of creating in our lives.

Sunday- Noon to 4pm.

Be It: This is the day of Spirit (essence) and the Unified Field (combined elements).
Dance, with and without a hoop is an incredible way to express your essence (that indefinable soul quality that is unique to you). When you see someone dance, you can see who they really are. We will be dancing in celebration of ourselves, and our unique essence expression.

The unified field of elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit create a synergy, where the individual parts create something greater than themselves. It is a cohesive energy field where magic happens and this where we will dance our dreams into being.

The technical focus will be on sustained spinning, and flow. Flow is another ineffable quality of complete presence and alignment of body, mind and soul. We will be playing with many different rhythms and dynamics today, and exploring the virtues of placing limitations on movements in order to break free of our normal patterns, allowing us to create the new ones we have been dreaming of. This is where we take it all to the next level.


Early Bird Tickets: http://site-1561053-758-3639.strikingly.com

*** Tickets are non refundable, but a credit can be issued towards another class or soul service***

About the Facilitator:

Kacie is a full time teaching artist and joyful movement facilitator who has been hoop dancing for 8 years. Since 2014, Kacie has spent the majority of her time teaching performing arts such as dance and gymnastics in schools in Edmonton and surrounding area, from pre-K to Jr. High with Dani Altiere Inc. Her company Dancing Into Being: Movement Arts and Healing focuses on connecting you to your body, mind and soul through movement, meditation and mystical creation.

Some teaching highlights over the last few years have included facilitating with Infinity Hoop Dance, at Astral Harvest, Medicine Hoop Retreat, and co-hosting the Radiant Soul Women’s Retreat

She is a certified conscious dance facilitator, reiki master, alchemical creation priestess, elemental creation coach and is currently training as a Positive Self Talk Coach in Belief Re-Patterning.

About Dancing Into Being:

Our mission is to unite mind, body and soul in fun and joyful ways that promote health, happiness and healing. Our workshops, retreats and one on one sessions include dance, prop manipulation, movement meditation, energy healing and coaching. Allow us to connect you to your most radiant self, helping you to shine as brightly as you can, so you can inspire others to do the same!

Me in Bali- photo by Cadencia Photography




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