Hoop Inspiration

Here is a smattering of hoop inspiration for you…

There are so many talented and amazing people out there it just blows me away. I admire technique and tricks as much as the next person, but what really catches my eye is when people are having fun, getting lost in flow- which is hard to capture on video (ask any hooper, the best sessions are never, ever recorded).

Here is Jiminhwang, one of my favorites because of the grace, sensuality and sense of freedom in her movements:

Katie Deppe, an inspiration to watch dance. Every move looks soft and easy, yet is so precise and controlled.

This next video is one I watched over and over when I started hooping… I wanted to be able to dance like that. Baxter is truly a master hooper. He has a daily hoop practice and spends a lot of time blindfolded, which is a fantastic meditative dance technique. I’ve been lucky enough to take a few Hoop Path workshops and he is a fantastic teacher.

Here are two of my favorite hoopers and favorite people, who I am lucky enough to dance with in FlowScience. This is Carla and Maya just being awesome. Carla is a Madre (Hoop Mom) in the Edmonton Hoop community and has inspired countless people through her classes and workshops. Maya is a sexy nurse who inspires me daily with her raw, honest, beautiful presence.

This next video is from a Hoopalicious workshop in Calgary I attended in Nov 2012. It’s full of so much awesome hoop magic and really shows the energy of the hoop community. So many hoopers from all over Alberta (and further away) were there this weekend and so many ridiculous baddases. Inspiration everywhere I turned. The quality of the hoopdance matches the exuberance of the hoopers! Much gratitude to Amanda Syrda for making the vid.

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