Reiki/Energy Healing


Photo by Cadencia Photography
Photo by Cadencia Photography


I am a Reiki Master, Priestess and Energy Facilitator, and  I use an intuitive blend of Universal Life Force energy (Reiki) with a variety of other energetic healing and alignment techniques. A session may include healing touch, chakra balancing, crystal healing, psychic surgery and light body activation. I also  work with your guides, angels, ascended masters and other beings of the highest vibration to remove energy blocks and begin to repair any damage in your field, restoring balance in the process.

Each session will begin with a few minutes of meditation, followed by the energy healing, which does involve light touch, but no manipulation of the body. You will find yourself drifting into a relaxed state and  while some people feel intense sensations of heat or pressure, some people feel nothing at all or even fall asleep.

My focus as a healer is to support the self care of light workers such as yourselves who are often times so busy sharing their beautiful light and helping the world they don’t always take time for themselves. When I work in your energetic field, I am given intuitive messages to share without about how you can tune it to listen to your own body and deepen your own intuitive channel so you can know exactly what you need at any given time.

Energy healing is a safe way of supporting your healing journey and helps to balance all aspects of the self, body, mind and soul. It is not meant to replace any medical interventions, but rather a gentle and effective complementary practice that reduces stress and enhances our ability to manage it. I also think it feels wonderfully relaxing and invigorating at the same time, making it a wonderfully restorative practice!

Currently, we are offering mobile and distance sessions only. Enjoy the session in the comfort of your own home, and bask in the residual good vibes that remain in your space for days or weeks afterwards. In person sessions will include a ceremonial space clearing prior to the session’s beginning.


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