There is so much amazing inspiration and information out there, sometimes it’s tough to know where to start. It doesn’t matter where inspiration comes from, just how it feels.

To me, the meaning of the word is to drawn in spirit or life force energy. Inspiration fills up my metaphorical cup. Since my number one mission in life is to inspire people to be their most radiant selves, I try to get so much inspiration coming in that my cup flows over.

There is so much depressing news out there in the world today it takes mindfulness to consciously cultivate yourself with inspiration instead, but it’s never been easier. You can control to a great extent, the information coming at you. You can unfollow people who are constantly bringing you down on social media, and make sure to follow people and groups who share inspiring and uplifting content (all the authors, teachers and events I list on these pages are a great place to start. So is following Dancing Into Being on facebook.

Use your feelings to guide you to the inspiration that you really desire. If someone or something makes you feel amazing, joyful and excited, invite more of that energy into your life. Lovingly release the people, places, activities and circumstances that zap your energy without giving you anything back in return.

Try getting your news online instead of watching the nightly news, full of fear and despair.

Spend time out in nature, connecting with the elements. Sometimes you need to shift your perspective just a bit as well. Let the raw power of winter inspire you, rather than letting the cold bring you down.

Rediscover your sense of childlike wonder and enjoy a world filled with inspiration everywhere you turn!

Check out this amazingly inspiring video on the topic of awe from Jason Silva. It is awesome in the truest sense of the word.


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