The Project

Shortly after I turned 30, I came to an agreement with my body:

I will listen to what it has to say, and in return, I will feel great.

It had been a long time coming. I’ve spent the last 30 years getting to know my body one way or another, and despite the various abuses I threw at myself,  we were still on speaking terms.  I could sometimes hear requests being made, like stretch please, do some yoga! ! Don’t eat that,  drink some water instead! I need a massage! Stop dancing and sit down for a bit!  Get off the computer and get to bed! Sometimes I listened to myself, but often I heard the message, and subsequently ignored it. Let me assure you, none of those times worked out very well for me.

I’ve come to find through trial and painful error, that there are certain things my body absolutely requires for me to be happy and healthy: Lots of sleep, to eat often (but no wheat), regular (fun) exercise, ample alone time, sunlight and fresh air, lots of  hugs and cuddles, to be creative and collaborate with others and to dance. These are pretty simple needs that are incredibly do-able, but it’s also so easy to let things fall by the wayside. When I let these basic thing go, I get depressed and angry. My ability to handle stress plummets and I’m not very fun. Life sucks. When I listen to my body things just flow. Life is fun, amazing and I can handle anything.

My body is wise. It knows exactly what I need from moment to moment.

In  my 30th year, in 2013, I decided I was going to deeply listen to my body and do everything it says.

Even when I didn’t really want to.

I started this blog to share the story of unearthing my body’s wisdom and seeing where it would take me (turned out I traveled a lot, all over the world!) Throughout the year I took many classes, trips and workshops and learned an incredible amount in that short time. I spent the year sober so I could really hear my inner voice. I deepened my connection to my intuition and to my spirit, met hundreds of incredible, inspiring people and I learned what was really important to me. I traveled to sacred sites, flew commando over the Pacific Ocean, became a Reiki Master, Priestess and Creation Coach and I even traveled to our life between lives though hypnosis. I learned a ton about myself and what I wanted to share with the world. I discovered my passion for healing through radical self care. My mission is to help light workers who are here on important missions take good care of themselves so they can do their work more effectively.

I’m currently sharing what I learned in my workshops and on my blog, and I am also writing a book about my adventures in radical self care. I have declared the project a resounding success. It changed my life in innumerable ways for the better and I have made it my mission to share my passion for self care with other  light workers, beings who have come to this planet to help in various important capacities. Sometimes these beautiful helpers are so busy with their work, they forget that the most important job they have is shining their light to raise the vibration of the whole world. I am here to help support and inspire you all to take the best care of yourselves you possibly can, to listen to your own bodies and your own intuition which has all guidance!

Radical Self Care is part of the Love Revolution that’s healing the planet, one heart at a time!

Dancing in Stanley Park

You can read more about the start of the journey in this post here: Being a Stinker (And other Lessons in Listening)

2 thoughts on “The Project

  1. I love your open honesty about what you need and wait derails you – I feel so similar in many ways and your light is truly inspiring. So glad to have found your blog and look forward to reading more! Thank you, thank you.

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