Concious Dance

Jorge Dalmau y Pablo Dalmau Photo Cc by 2.0
Jorge Dalmau y Pablo Dalmau Photo Cc by 2.0

Freestyle dance allows a dancer to move to their own rhythms, their own unique interpretation of music, emotions. It is pure personal expression, even if a dancer is using moves they’ve learned elsewhere. No one moves in quite the same way as anyone else.

To dance and to move freely, authentically can not only communicate deeply to someone watching the dancer, it can also allow us to communicate with and to connect deeply with an inner world we may not have access to with our conscious mind. Feelings are stored in the body until they are truly felt. Once felt and acknowledged, they are released. Dance is a way of connecting- with others as well as with the self. It is also healing and can be ecstatic.

When dancing, once you stop thinking, and just allow yourself to move, or be moved you reach a beautiful meditative state of flow. You are completely present int the moment. This state is characterized by feelings of peace, joy, even rapture and ecstasy. It is the union of body, mind and spirit together, without ego. It’s thrilling, fun and addictive to find that state. Dance isn’t the only way it can be achieved, anytime you are completely absorbed by an activity, be it running, driving, cooking, sewing or sex you can slip into the flow state.

Finding your flow only happens when you surrender to the process. It’s helpful to spend time learning and drilling movements, stretching and coming into your body. but then when you put on music and dance, just dance. Let your body move you, without your mind interfering. When you let your body be the driving force behind your movement, you’ll uncover your own authentic style. Let me tell you, there is nothing in the world that feels better than being it that state.

When we allow our bodies to dance without our conscious mind directing the movement, we can then put our conscious mind to work by setting intentions for our dance. We can work with the energy that is created through our movement and use it to manifest by directing our awareness to a particular goal. We can work to unite our body, mind and spirit. We can work with our chakras and kundalini energy, we can work with the elemental realm, we can work with any spiritual or archetypal principles we desire and connect to them on a different level than if we were to simply be sitting at rest, in contemplation.

We can unlock parts of ourselves that were previously inaccessible and explore realms of our psyches previously hidden to us. By creating the unison of mind, body and spirit through movement we have access to all the power hidden within. It is also incredibly fun and satisfying, often leaving you feeling happy and whole.

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