Hoop Dreaming: Intro to Air (The Mental Realm)


Hoop Dreaming:  A three day hoop dance journey through the elemental forces of creation is happening on March 29th to 31st, 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta. In this three day workshop, we will be using the archetypal structures of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to focus on the mirror of the inner world with the outer world. Each week, Kacie, our facilitator has created a short video for you introducing the element and drawing a card from the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle deck from Lisa Michaels.

In this week’s video, Kacie introduces us to the Mental Realm, Air, where our thoughts and belief systems reside. This is also the angelic realm and the realm of vibrational healing modalities such as sound, light and energy work. In Hoop Dreaming, we will be using the Air realm to access any conscious and unconscious belief systems that might be holding us back from our dreams, or even from allowing us to dream big! We will use the visionary perspective of air in our hoop dance to expand our dreams and then dance them into being.

Here is Kacie, with more.

Tickets to Hoop Dreaming are on sale now, for $111 + GST per person.

More information is available here.



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