Kacie is a mesmerizing movement artist whose  unique and entertaining style blends technical precision with playful sass and joyful abandon.

“Watching Kacie move with her hoops is hypnotic: she radiates this effortless ease and joy”  – Tabitha, Edmonton

“You are a Wizard! I believe in magic now!” -Jake, 8 years old.

I watched your performance and wow your mastery, artistry and perfection moved me… My eyes are full of joyful tears; perfection in art does that to me. Totally inspiring!!” Brett Miles, Edmonton


Working with a variety of props, hoops, flags, fans, poi, staff, scarves or silks, Kacie can provide daytime shows or exciting LED/ fire shows for evening performances.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, available for travel

For performance  or workshop bookings,  please contact Kacie  at


Previous Performances


MAC Cosmetics- Calgary

Rapid Fire Theatre- Jasper


City of Edmonton

Art Gallery of Alberta

Edmonton Valley Zoo*

Astral Harvest Music And Arts Festival


Fierce Woman Awards*

Edmonton Valley Zoo*

Kaleido Family Arts Festival*

Astral Harvest Music And Arts Festival

Incite Marketing*


Incite Marketing

Bioware * Edmonton

Kaleido*  Family Arts Festival

Prop Rock* Performance Showcase

Spin Milk Prop, Performance and Flow Festival*

The Hooping Life*



Prop Rock*

Kaleido Family Arts Festival*

* With Flowscience

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