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Compassionate Pisces- Softening My Gaze

New Moon, cc by 2.0
New Moon, cc by 2.0

We’re moving into a soft and dreamy Pisces new moon while the Sun is also in Pisces. Double the Pisces, double the love!

Pisces is the sign of the compassionate Bodhisattva, where the highest ideals of service to humanity are expressed. It’s the last sign of the zodiac, and the one with the highest vibrational attunement. Working in the Pisces realm means working with absolute divine love, Christ Consciousness and the ascended masters like Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion. Basically with our double Pisces energy right now, we’re being bombarded with universal love.

I know I can feel it… I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately for some reason, falling back into my perfectionist tendencies, and I’ve been beating myself up for these perceived imperfections. I know better, but that just becomes another reason to judge myself harshly :”You of all people should know better!” exclaims my inner monoluge! I had been berating myself for weeks,  but finally had a respite and I felt my inner voice soften over the last day or two. Suddenly I was able to see myself with the compassionate gaze I had been missing for sometime. My heart softened and I recognized that more than any harsh words, what I needed more than anything was loving compassion. I spent some time today sending these loving, compassionate and appreciative thoughts to my heart and to my body. It felt fantastic, as though a knot of tension I’d been carrying for weeks just melted away.

I want to invite you to soften your gaze as well, and see yourself through that lens of loving kindness and compassion. See just how beautiful you really are, and how you’re doing a such wonderful job. You’re learning exactly what you came here to learn, and you are perfect in your gloriously imperfect humanity.

I find it easy to see the rest of the world through this lens. I adore and admire every person on this planet for being brave enough to come down to this difficult place to learn all they can. Turning this loving gaze inward is what’s hard. I often hold myself to impossible standards that I would never set for anyone else. But today and in this new moon window, I’m trying! I’m feeling the freedom that comes from releasing myself from whatever unloving thoughts and self talk I was holding and replacing them with love. Nothing good comes from judging ourselves harshly.

As soon as we are all able to soften our gaze with loving compassion, we begin to really love ourselves  exactly as we are. This unconditional self love allows our inner radiance to shine more brightly, which in turn inspires others to do the same and makes the world a more loving place. It’s one of the easiest, yet most challenging things to do in the world, but we can take advantage of this new moon energy to plant the seeds of loving compassion everywhere we need in our lives, including our perceptions of ourselves. This is one way we can effect real change in the world, by starting right at home, by loving ourselves.

Me in Bali- photo by Cadencia Photography
Me in Bali- photo by Cadencia Photography

Happy Imbolc!!!

by prairiekitten cc by 2.0
by prairiekitten cc by 2.0


Today, February 3rd is the exact astrological date for this cross-quarter point on the wheel of the year (although many celebrate Imbolc on Feb 1st or 2nd every year). We’re halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The days are getting longer and brighter. Although this is the Gaelic start to spring, there are no signs of it up here in Edmonton, but with the light, comes hope and we know that eventually, the snow and ice will melt. I have friends who are already planning their gardens, which is a perfect project in this energy.

Imbolc means “in the belly”, referring to the pregnant flocks of sheep at this time, ripe with possibility for the spring.  It’s also called St. Brighid’s Day, honoring the Celtic triple Goddess Brighid who represents the three female energies of mother, maiden and crone. She is a goddess of renewal, healing, purification, fertility, abundance, rebirth, and new beginnings (amongst other things). To honor her is to honor these aspects of ourselves.

When I stepped outside yesterday, I felt a softness in the air, and peace and joy just bubbled up inside of me. I had been reading recently about the recalibration of energy on the planet that is happening now, including the recalibration of Gaia and the crystalline grid (which stores the emotional memories of humanity on the planet). In the past, the grid has been biased to remember the heavier emotions; suffering, sorrow, anger and hate. If you were energetically sensitive, you could feel this in the land. If you stood in a battle field, you would know and feel the heavy density of the energy there.

Now, as we’re moving into a new energy and consciousness on the planet, the grid is being re calibrated so it is skewed to holding and remembering the light and the higher vibrations of consciousness and emotions. The more light we shine on to the planet, the better it will feel as places all over the crystalline grid become charged with higher vibrations.

It felt perfectly fitting to feel this energy seeping out of the earth during the beginnings of spring. So much hope and possibility for the future.

This a beautiful time to purge out some of the winter darkness from our hearts and minds and to start germinating the seeds we planted at the Winter Solstice. Not a bad time to do some house cleaning, physically or emotionally. Getting rid of clutter, body, mind and soul frees up our creative energy, which is gathering strength with the growing light. You can use this energy to charge your dreams and creative endeavors with what they’ll need to be fruitful going forward in your life.

Full Moon In Cancer- Feel The Feelings

I’ve never been entirely comfortable in the watery emotional realms.

I’m more of an fire and earth kind of gal. Air is cool too, but feelings, well… They made me uncomfortable. It’s taken years of active personal and spiritual work to get to a place where I not only appreciate feelings as an important part of the human experience, but actually as a good thing rather than just an irritating inconvenience one had to put up with in exchange for being able to play in human form.

Now I understand their role and I’m grateful for how much they teach us.

Today I received an email newsletter from the wonderful hoop dancer/yogi and wild woman Shakti Sunfire that had some beautiful words about the Cancer Full Moon:

“The Cancer Full Moon on January 15-16 speaks to the power of your emotions. Feelings are your indicators. Feelings show you that you are on the right path. Feelings demonstrate what is true for you. You create music, art and writing from the passion of your feelings. Cancer rules feelings. Cancer is about your soul power. You are being asked to pull up your personal power. Allowing your feelings to guide you because your feelings are your truth. Being balanced in your male and female energy will empower you.” -Words of wisdom from the luminous Kelley Rosano.

I love how simple Kelley makes it. “Feelings are your indicators”. You feel good, great! Do more of what makes you feel good. Feeling bad? This is an indicator something has to change in your life. Maybe it’s the situation, or maybe just your perception or attitude about the situation needs to change. You can’t control how you feel, which is what makes feelings such valuable indicators of your reality, as you see it.

The cultural emphasis has been on logic, reason and other yang ways of knowing for so long that the more intuitive and feeling side of knowledge has been devalued and often completely disregarded. Feelings aren’t imperical. They can’t be fully measured or even understood completely by anyone outside of the personal who is feeling them. Feelings are indicators of our own personal truth and that’s what makes them dangerous and subversive to the norm. They encourage individual exploration of what is true and right for the individual.

Nothing is more universal AND individual than the way we feel.

This full moon is a fantastic time to take stock of your own emotions. In order to do this, you have to slow down, and take the time to turn inward for long enough to explore how you feel.Once you’ve tuned into this vulnerable part of yourself, nurture it in whatever way feels best to you. Find a way to creatively express your feelings, and if they are guiding you to make any changes in your life, let the full moon help you gracefully release what is no longer serving you, to make room for a more beautiful possibility.

Gemini Full Moon Madness

I had weird little episode of super intense, unexpected emotion this evening that I wasn’t sure what to make of until I read this piece on the Gemini full moon from Virgo Magic.

photo from
photo from

I was enjoying a relaxing unscheduled evening off, deeply appreciating a bit of break after working 60 hours last week, (with 5 more shifts to go in the next three days before two weeks off!!!)

I was just about to make some dinner when I became kind of irrationally angry and upset. It was really hard to place the emotions at first. Things just felt like they were bubbling up inside me with no rhyme or reason. After a few minutes of talking with my amazingly supportive, loving and understanding husband (who basically just took over cooking for me so I could relax and figure out why I was suddenly in tears), I realized that everything I was feeling was surrounding my body image. I was frustrated by my ability to simultaneously hold unconditional love for myself and my body while still feeling inadequately not perfect enough.

I l felt all of our cultural and social expectations and beliefs about women’s bodies weigh upon me like a thousand pounds of sorrow. It was so odd, and seemingly came out of now here. I had to spend some time grieving for all of us. Afterwards I realized that I was releasing and clearing some heavy stuff not only for myself, but on behalf of humanity.

I didn’t realize why until I read this passage “…The Gemini Full Moon reveals thought patterns, mental tapes and belief systems that undermine our ability to listen to intuitive guidance and envision and create a more positive future…”

Body image and self love are huge issues for myself and people everywhere, but we are making so much progress. Every day I read some body positive article on facebook, and I see more and more people reaching out and supporting each other with love and compassion. We still have a ways to go, but I’m grateful for the full moon bringing this up for me, as frustrating as it was to be blindsided by all those intense feelings. I’m happy to be doing the healing work for myself and for the collective consciousness and I feel lighter now as well as more aware of just how deep some of this pain runs.

I’m excited to move forward into the new year with a renewed vow to love myself and my body in all ways, and to continue to show my love and respect by taking the best care of it that I possibly can, in all ways.


December’s Theme of Adjustment Has Been My Personal Theme This Whole Year!

December Sundog from wikipedia commons
December Sundog from wikipedia commons

I love when I read something that feels like it came directly from my own spirit.

December 2013’s theme of Adjustment, according to Lena Stevens from The Power Path, (which I first read on Mystic Mama ), speaks to what my personal mission has been all year .

“This month is about adjusting and realigning your life in a way that works better for you. It is about modifying, correcting, removing, adding, clarifying, accommodating, altering, revising and rectifying anything that needs adjustment based on YOUR TRUTH.
“It is about making small alterations and fine-tuning your intentions and action plans and paying attention to what is working and what is not. It is about moving everything into a better fit.

These words resonated so deeply with me. Just the day before I had posted a similar comment on my facebook in response to a friendly debate that started when I shared an article on alcohol use in the healing community  from Elephant Journal.

My treatise on any kind of substance use is for people to constantly be noticing how any substance they ingest, food, medicine, intoxicant makes them feel on every level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I want to inspire people to pay attention to these feelings and to honor themselves by doing whatever serves their highest good. This reflection and self examination also isn’t a one time thing. What serves us the most changes from moment to moment. There is no one size fits all solution. It’s all about your own personal journey.

While I was talking specifically about things you ingest, I have expanded this philosophy to include everything within my life during the course of my project; my year long quest to listen to my body. I have tried to question everything in my life, releasing old patterns of behavior and thoughts that no longer suit me, and actively choosing the ones that do. This is the polar opposite of living in default mode, where we do the things we do, think the things we think and believe the things we believe because that’s what we’ve always done, or what we’re taught to do by our friends, family and society.

As I’ve explored my own truths over the last 11 months, I feel I’ve come to a deeper understanding of my own true essence. I now know my spirit’s real needs, wants, desires, dislikes and joys. It’s funny, but starting out I didn’t consciously realize that I’d wind up becoming intimate partners with my own self. I feel a deeper partnership with my mind, body and soul now that I’ve spent all this time in dialogue with different aspects of myself. I’ve made changes to the way I eat, sleep, exercise, work and play. I’ve done lots of expanding and lots of releasing. I also spent some time honoring all the work I’ve done, and all the things that I’ve consciously chosen to keep in my life. I invite everyone to allow for this kind of self inquiry and adjustment in their own lives. It’s a lot of work, but the results are so worthwhile. Living a conscious life of your own design feels absolutely amazing!

So please, take a few moments every day to decide how you want to live.  Every time you make a choice, or even just have a thought, you have the opportunity to craft your life into something that is truly and uniquely yours. Make your decisions by listening to your heart and let whatever doesn’t work for you fall away. If you aren’t sure what to do in any given situation, think of what would serve the highest good of all (including yourself). Choose your own adventure!!!

Virgo New Moon: Activating Priestess Energy

cc by 3.0 by Traveling the cosmos
cc by 3.0 Traveling the cosmos

Today is the tail end of the 3 day Virgo new moon window. The sun is also in Virgo right now giving us a double dose of this amazing earthy energy. It’s the perfect time to work on organizing the details in your life, which is great timing for everyone back to school, or back to work in September here.

The Virgo archetype is one celebrating dedicated sacred work. This is the priest/ess energy which is serves the world though honoring and understanding the natural rhythms of life, and all the details surrounding it. This energy is dedicated, organized and practical. There is a deep commitment to serving the world through their work.

This is unfamiliar energy to some of us. There has often been a deep separation between the sacred and the mundane in our culture. The Virgo  priest/ess energy imbues a sense of sacred within all those mundane, practical details of life. There is a deep sense reverence for everything that occurs in nature, and in the life cycle and a deep connection to the divine feminine mysteries.

This energy has been somewhat lost and misunderstood over the years, but we’re returning to it now. There is a deep awakening of this energy happening on the planet, and many people are feeling a deep desire to reclaim our connection to it.

For many years now, I’ve identified with this priestess archetype. Everything I’ve read of the priestesses honoring the divine feminine, worshiping and serving the Goddess has resonated with me deeply. I remember flashes of past lives where I served in temples and dedicated my life to this sacred work. I feel a deep connection to this divine feminine energy that leaves me with a sense of longing for more it in my life. I know when I work consciously with this energy I feel whole.

It’s with great excitement that I am choosing to bring more of this energy into my life. I’m activating the Priestess archetype within me by going through a ceremonial initiation called The Priestess Process with my dear teacher Lisa Michaels. Here she has written 10 blessings Received from Becoming  Priestess, to give you some idea of why I’m doing this.

We began the initiation process yesterday during this new moon window, and we will finish on Beltane (May 1st), and emerge as Priestesses. I am so thrilled to begin this journey of actively embodying this archetype within myself. Every woman I have met who has done this ceremonial energetic activation has this amazing energy running through her. It’s powerful and I can’t wait to experience it again (I know I’ve done this before, in many lives). I’m also so thrilled to be living in a time when it’s safe for women connect to their divine feminine power. It’s always been our birthright, but the pendulum of culture had swung far to the other side, celebrating the divine masculine mysteries almost exclusively.  I believe we’re spiritual whole only when we are able to unite our divine feminine and masculine aspects within ourselves, in a sacred marriage. Without both, we are incomplete beings.

If this is something that resonates with you, you still have time to join us (until Sept 27, 2013). We’d love to have you along for the journey for  The Priestess Process


It’s Time To Shine, Radiant Ones!


Astrologically speaking, we spent the last month diving deep into the emotional realms with the archetype of Cancer, a sign ruled by the moon. This was a time to be focused on nurturing, comfort and personal growth. It was the perfect time to do that healing work, and I just so  happened to be in Atlanta with Lisa Michaels, certifying as a Natural Rhythms conscious dance facilitator. It was an amazingly supportive environment for personal growth and I was able to really dig down into the messy stuff and dance it out while I was there. But as a really fiery, earthy person myself, the watery emotional stuff always makes me a bit uncomfortable and although I’m grateful for all the lessons that the realm of feelings impart, I’m also SUPER grateful to be back in my comfort zone!

Today is the start of the Leo new moon, and the sun is also in Leo. Double Leos! What does it mean? Well, Leo is fiery action sign all about self-love, so it’s time to ramp up your radiant inner light! Shining your own light is a gift to the world as it inspires others and gives them permission to do the same! It’s time to celebrate the gorgeous awesome radiant light being who YOU are!

We are constantly receiving messages that we need to contain our fire and our radiance. Humility is a virtue and we don’t want to appear conceited or like we’re showing off. It’s a fine line, for sure and as in all things, we need to strike a balance. But Leo teaches us how to strike that perfect balance by allowing us to use our radiant self love to illuminate the world and make it a better place. It isn’t about showing off, it’s about allowing the light within us to shine as brightly as it can.

This makes this month a spectacular time to focus on illuminating your true self. Let your true essence be seen. The Real You is more inspiring than any image or idea you have about who you “should” be. The Real You is brilliant, and beautiful beyond all imagination. We are, at our core, beings of pure light who have chosen to come into these physical forms to have an experience! We should enjoy our physical bodies as well as our souls! Have fun adorning yours! This is a perfect time to take really good care of this body you’ve decided to inhabit!  There is nothing conceited about making yourself look and feel fantastic!

I’m planning on using this mega double down Leo energy to it’s full potential. I’m wearing more sparkles than usual, and I’m getting a hair cut tomorrow!  I’m also in the process of packing up all my greatest costumes for Shambhala Music Festival, (my happy place) where I’ll be dancing and celebrating my joyful radiant self all weekend, with ten thousand other beautiful, shiny, happy, radiant beings of light, dressed up and having some of their finest human experiences!