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Happy Imbolc!!!

by prairiekitten cc by 2.0
by prairiekitten cc by 2.0


Today, February 3rd is the exact astrological date for this cross-quarter point on the wheel of the year (although many celebrate Imbolc on Feb 1st or 2nd every year). We’re halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The days are getting longer and brighter. Although this is the Gaelic start to spring, there are no signs of it up here in Edmonton, but with the light, comes hope and we know that eventually, the snow and ice will melt. I have friends who are already planning their gardens, which is a perfect project in this energy.

Imbolc means “in the belly”, referring to the pregnant flocks of sheep at this time, ripe with possibility for the spring.  It’s also called St. Brighid’s Day, honoring the Celtic triple Goddess Brighid who represents the three female energies of mother, maiden and crone. She is a goddess of renewal, healing, purification, fertility, abundance, rebirth, and new beginnings (amongst other things). To honor her is to honor these aspects of ourselves.

When I stepped outside yesterday, I felt a softness in the air, and peace and joy just bubbled up inside of me. I had been reading recently about the recalibration of energy on the planet that is happening now, including the recalibration of Gaia and the crystalline grid (which stores the emotional memories of humanity on the planet). In the past, the grid has been biased to remember the heavier emotions; suffering, sorrow, anger and hate. If you were energetically sensitive, you could feel this in the land. If you stood in a battle field, you would know and feel the heavy density of the energy there.

Now, as we’re moving into a new energy and consciousness on the planet, the grid is being re calibrated so it is skewed to holding and remembering the light and the higher vibrations of consciousness and emotions. The more light we shine on to the planet, the better it will feel as places all over the crystalline grid become charged with higher vibrations.

It felt perfectly fitting to feel this energy seeping out of the earth during the beginnings of spring. So much hope and possibility for the future.

This a beautiful time to purge out some of the winter darkness from our hearts and minds and to start germinating the seeds we planted at the Winter Solstice. Not a bad time to do some house cleaning, physically or emotionally. Getting rid of clutter, body, mind and soul frees up our creative energy, which is gathering strength with the growing light. You can use this energy to charge your dreams and creative endeavors with what they’ll need to be fruitful going forward in your life.