Slow Down! (But I don’t wanna!)

I’ve been a little uninspired and tired the last couple days, as well as frustrated from being in pain.

For the last few months, the talus bone (which anchors to pretty much every other bone, ligament and tendon) in my right foot has been slipping out of alignment. As you can imagine, this makes doing anything on my feet uncomfortable. My chiropractor can pop it back in, and it’ll be great for awhile, but it keeps coming out, and while it’s out, I still have to walk (or dance) on it… It’s not incredibly painful at first, but the more I do, the worse it gets, and sometimes it takes a few days to get in to see my fabulous and heroic chiro.

I don’t have a lot of patience for nagging injuries, and I really dislike resting them. I have things I want to do that involve using my feet! I want to dance, to hoop, to go to yoga, go for walks and go to work (I work as a server, so walking is an essential part of my job).

So, my usual plan is to work though it, and then complain about how much it hurts at the end of the day. I also beg my body to just heal, dammit!

I realize this is a stupid way to approach, especially with the past injuries I’ve had to the same foot (all of which happen around this time of year oddly). There is always a message in the pain. The last real issue I had was about 2 years ago, and I wrote about the lessons I learned last time here: .The biggest lesson was that I need to incorporate the sacred into my life, which I’ve been getting better at doing, but obviously have quite a ways to go.

When I woke up this morning with the start of a head cold I realized that I had been resisting slowing down and resting my foot which it definitely requires. I know for a fact I only get sick when I am tired, out of balance and need to slow down. This is my body’s way of making me chill without me feeling guilty.

I don’t really want to deal with a full blow cold, so I’m chilling as hard as I can, and consuming as many immune boosting things as I have in my arsenal; Oregano oil, sage tea, Emergen-C, Cold FX, lots of liquids, rest and reading.

The dialogue I had with my body might have been me bargaining:

Ok, Ok, I get the picture. My foot requires rest, so how bout I rest it without having to deal with a stupid cold at the same time? I get the message, I promise. Believe you me, I get it. No need to punish us both my making me sicker than I already am. Do we have a deal?

The deal is, I need to keep it elevated for the next few days, and when I walk, I have to walk slowly. With intention and with proper form. Heel to toe! None of this flopping around, turning this way and that at work like I’m playing basket ball. I think I can do that. I guess it’s a great awareness meditation. The trick is going to be keeping it up when we get busy. No choice but to accept the challenge though. I picked up a few books from the library this morning, so when I’m not working, I’ll just bury my nose in a book, which should make the chillaxing much more pleasurable. Sometimes I feel guilty when I spend  days on end reading rather than getting stuff done, but I guess this is my free pass, and I intend to enjoy it!


Photo by igorputina -cc by 2.0
Photo by igorputina -cc by 2.0


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