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Deepening Darkness, Preparing Us For The Light!

cc by 3.0
cc by 3.0


It’s dark so early here now. The sun was setting as I was driving home around 3:30pm yesterday. It’s probably not quite so drastic where you live, unless you are one of the few souls in the world who lives farther north than me (Edmonton is the most northern city of over a million people in the world!)

Anyway, this deepening darkness makes me sleepy. I feel this urge to slow down, to crawl under warm fuzzy blankets and hibernate, with cat/husband cuddles and Netflicks. I’m OK with this, especially now that I know that it’s only natural to have the desire to turn inward and slow down as we approach the darkest, longest night of the year. The challenge has been that my work schedule at the restaurant goes into overdrive at this time of the year with longer hours, crazier shifts, more hauling of furniture. It’s always tough, but this year, the light at the end of the tunnel  has been that by the end of this week, I’M DONE and I never have to do it again!


2 more days, and I’ll be hanging up my apron and tie for good. I’ll be waking up on the morning of the Solstice no longer employed my favorite fine dining establishment. After 12 years in the hospitality industry in one form or another, working evenings and weekends, eating at odd hours, smiling outwardly while cursing the ignorance of some people inwardly, I’m finally moving on.

I still have my work as an Artist in Residence, with Dani Alitiere Inc, teaching gymnastics, dance and acrobatics at elementary schools in the city, which is part time, contract work, but now I’ll have the room in my life to focus on my own projects like finding a publisher for my book(s) and building my business, Dancing Into Being Movement and Healing Arts.

The timing could not have been more organically divine.

I wound up giving my notice on the last full moon without realizing it. The full moon is the perfect time to release any old energy, and to give up whatever is no longer serving you. This creates room in your life for all the fresh new energy and experiences you’re ready to bring in.

December 21st this year, my first day as a free agent rather than an employee, is also the perfect day to begin my new life. It’s both the winter solstice, with the sun and new moon moving into Capricorn. The solstice is a potent time to plant the seeds of what you want to create with your intention throughout the coming year, and the new moon is always a fantastic time to set your intention for creation as well. These two energies coupled with the earthy, builder’s archetype of Capricorn make for the powerful window for creation we’ve seen (and will see) for quite some time!

This all lined up for me without my conscious intention, which seems to happen more and more since my training with the elemental forces of creation as a coach and priestess with Lisa Michaels, who offers an amazing variety of programs sharing nature’s creation secrets for life and business success (hint: there’s lots of dancing involved)   I laugh every time I notice my life is in step with the natural rhythm of the wheel of the year, because I felt separate from nature for so much of my life. Finding myself inadvertently in harmony with it all makes me feel divine, infinitely supported. Adding my conscious intention to these forces makes me feel like a magical being, it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you work with the elemental forces of creation!

To take full advantage of the power of creation during these next few days, I’m spending my time dreaming as much as I can about what I want my life to look like. Then on Sunday and Monday, I will take these dreams and turn them into seeds with my intention. I will plant them, my hopes, dreams, goals and wildest desires, deep within my heart and soul. Then I’m going to breathe, sing, and dance them into being using the ecstatic energy of the New Year’s festivities to add extra oomph to my creations. As the new year begins, I plan on ceremonially honoring my new life and all the gorgeous energy 2015 brings.

This next year is going to be a stellar one.

So even though you might be busy as can be this week, why not take advantage of these dark times and their potent creation potential?

Slow down as much as you can, dream your dreams in the dark stillness. See it clearly in your mind. Set your intentions; write them down, or draw them. Light a candle, drum or dance. Honor yourself as a vessel through which the universe creates beautiful things. Know that you light up the world with your radiance as you joyfully share your gifts! It’s time to let your light shine!

Me, being all shiny in Bali. Photo by Cadencia Photography



Remedial Lessons In Manifestation

My cats Moo and Q  have been driving me crazy at night ever since I got back from Sedona. Actually, it’s been for longer than that, but maybe the 10 days of blissfully uninterrupted sleep has made me notice how annoying it is to be woken several times a night by a cat meowing at my door.

The problem developed when they were wee little kittens.

Moo and Q, being odd
Moo and Q, being odd

They were way too crazy at night to sleep with when they were little. Not only would they get into everything in the room and make lots of noise, but they also would attack toes and faces while we slept, so they were always eventually kicked out of the bedroom when we went to sleep.

When I inevitably woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Q would be waiting for me by the door. She’d be adorably affectionate, purring and rubbing against my legs. She’d even follow me into the bathroom and try to jump on my lap for cuddles. Since she’s not an overly cuddly cat during the day, I was suckered in by the show of affection. I would pet her and tell her I loved her and probably said a lot of really dumb things.

From xkcd.com
From xkcd.com

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was being woken by her teeny tiny meows that were barely audible. As a kitten, she barely squeeked. Someday, probably when she was a teenager, she found her voice and her meows were now loud enough to jolt me out of my dreams. At this point, I found it far less cute, but I was still too much of a softy to punish her. I would just tell her to stop. Sometimes I would chase her. Sometimes I would spray her with water, but nothing seemed to deter her.

I’m pretty sure she would put her face right down into the crack of the door and HOWL!

Unfortunately for women every where. A cat’s meow sounds a lot like a baby’s cry. They manipulate our weakness for poor helpless infants. Sadly, many men seem immune to the sound.

I could hear these meows right though my ear plugs and white noise machine. Sometimes it got so bad that I would hear phantom meowing while I was trying to fall asleep.
On Friday night, she got me up 6 times. Sadly, I just couldn’t really get mad at her (I told you, I’m a sucker). She just wants to be with me and the only reason she can’t is because her brother meows if he’s in the room while we’re trying to fall asleep.

That’s right. One meows when he’s in the room with us. The other meows when she’s outside it.

GAH! Silly part Siamese cats. Sometimes I wished I didn’t love them so much and I wasn’t such a pacifist, because I felt like doing them harm would feel so good!!!!

You can see I was getting a little desperate.

A turning point happened the other day when I read the phrase “What we resist persists” and something clicked.

I realized that in many ways I was resisting them being in the room out of  sheer stubbornness. I wanted to know what might happen if I decided to welcome them into to room instead, shifting my perspective.

I also realized that I had been begging them to ‘Stop meowing!’  In my sleep deprived haze, I forgot the primary rule of manifestation. State what you intend to create in the positive, not the negative.The universal laws of manifesting work like computer programing. You can’t tell a computer not to do something. You can only tell it to do something.

When I commanded “Stop meowing!”, all it and they (and the universe) heard was “Meowing!”

I changed my language to the positive desired outcome.

” Be quiet, kitties and you’ll get to stay in the bedroom!”  I may have also said please. Good manners never go out of style!

So on Saturday night,  after setting my intention to “having  quiet, undisturbed sleep” and having a small talk with my cats, I kept the door open and went to sleep.

The only time I heard a meow was when Jeremy kicked Moo.

Fair enough.

I make sounds when people kick me too.

This new arrangement has worked beautifully so far. I have hear the occasional meow, and been stepped on once or twice by a cat, but by and large I’m getting far more sleep.  I’m also shaking my head that it’s taken me 2 years to figure it out. I’ll leave you with another strange picture of my dear, sweet, strange cats.

Moo and Q, being weird.
Moo and Q, being weird.