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Clearing Out Some Old Junk (In My Chakras)


I had been feeling a little run down lately, so I tried to honor my body by spending more time resting and relaxing. This translated into a whole lot more time spent on my couch watching American Netflicks (which has a far superior selection to the Canadian one, btw).

I was still productive, even with the extra downtime factored in (I finished writing that first draft of my book and am about halfway through the second draft if that counts for anything), but I was still feeling heavy and less vibrant than I would like to be.

I decided to rededicate myself to my self care. There were a few places in which I had been slacking, namely stretching and meditating. I had an aha moment last night when I realized it had been months since I had done anything with my chakras.

I had cleared out a whole lot of other peoples (practically every energy healing session I do involves some chakra clearing), but I had left mine untouched for far too long.

I lay down and began using my hands and my intention to open, clear, recharge and rebalance each chakra in turn. The clearing part was illuminating. I had a lot of junk in each chakras’ trunk that had been floating around for so long that it was gumming some of them up entirely.¬† I had vivid images of pulling out varying debris, some of it heavy and dense like metal and some of it gooey and sticky like microwaved plastic wrap.

When I would get to the end of the debris, there would be the physical sensation of a vacuum seal being broken, and a pop I could hear as the fresh air and energy rushed in. This was accompanied by a feeling of lightness and relief. Honestly, the closest thing I can liken it to is taking a big dump. That’s what I clearing out, really. Old energetic crap that was clogging up my system.

I feel physically lighter now, and far more present now. As I was clearing out my chakras, I was clearing out stuck emotions that I hadn’t quite processed. It’s an amazing short cut to running a clean, clear, emotional current.

You can clear your chakras  in a million  ways, either consciously or unconsciously: Through physical movement (dancing it out is one of my favorites), talking it out, doing past life or inner child work, mediation, visualization or energy work of any kind, but the quickest and easiest way is simply to use your intention.

You can simply focus on each chakra in turn, starting with the first, your root at the base of your spine, and ask it to open, clear and spin in the correct direction. You can just work your way up, until you’ve competed the 7th or crown chakra.

For something a little more epic, here is a half hour visual mediation, an illuminated chakra journey from Anodea Judith, author of the fabulous book, Wheels of Life, which I watched for the first time 7 years ago, with a dear departed friend. It was the first time I awakened my Kundalini energy in this body and it was an incredibly powerful and transformational experience and catalyst for a whole lot of awesome. It set my whole life on fire (in a very good way! )