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Joyful June and The Sagittarius Full Moon!

Can you feel the amazing energy of this month already?

When I sat down to meditate this morning, my entire being was captivated by this joyful, swirling, expansive energy that I could feel spread out before me. June is going to be a crazy, beautiful month full of all the things I love. I have this week to prepare and ground myself for all the awesome that’s in store. We’re kicking the whole month off with the full moon in Sagittarius (Sun in Gemini), which adds an fantastic expansive, inspired, yet lighthearted quality to the energy right now. If you’re interested in more about that, here’s Lisa Michael’s with how you can work effectively with the energy.

For a peek into some of the numerology of the month, here’s Kari Samuel’s  Joyful June Forecast:

She says your adventures this month are sure to put a smile on your face. That’s a given, Kari. I’m so excited about all of it. She also shared 5 things to do to have a magical month: Try new things, socialize, learn (through your five senses), have fun and express yourself. Since I’m spending all month teaching, learning and dancing at different festivals and schools, I think I have all of those covered.

Spin Out is happening June 12th to 15th. I love this festival because you get to do all the things!!! It’s billed as summer camp for grown ups. It’s a magical place full of fun, friends and fire. Also, I get to play in the kitchen since my husband is catering again (and I get to help plan the menu, yay!!)

I’ll be at Elysium Music and Arts Festival in Saskatchewan,  June 26th to 29th, offering workshops in hoop dance, movement meditation and conscious dance and then barely home to catch my breath and do laundry before heading up north to my favorite festival of all time, Astral Harvest, July 2nd to 5th. I’m beyond excited for this one, where for the first time I’ll be facilitating a conference (Energy Balancing with the Elements) as well as offering a Twins hoop dance workshop.

There’s a lot coming up, but I feel inspired rather than overwhelmed. The full moon right now is also empowering me to let go of some old ideas and projects that I was still clinging to. Some of you might know I wrote a book last year, and I have been sending query letters out to agents, but my heart really hasn’t been in it. I realized today that I don’t actually want to get the book published. I’m so glad I wrote it, but it’s full of old energy and I want to release the past and free myself up to concentrate on a whole lot of new, exciting projects that are filling my heart with joy. Even though I always want to do all the things, I know that I have to do some pruning, so I am releasing projects are no longer jiving with where I’m at right now.

There is some exciting stuff on the burner, so stay tuned for announcements, and enjoy Joyful June! Do those things that make your heart sing! Then do more of that!

Love, light and laughter to you my friends!

Riding The Highs and Lows Of Your Energy Flow

I woke up at 8 am this morning, lazed in bed reading, got up to eat breakfast and then found myself back on my bed petting a cat. One thing led to another and suddenly I was back under my covers. I finished one book and started another, enjoying the warmth of being sandwiched between two sleeping cats.

As I lay there, every so often I would think to myself, “You really should get up…” but I really didn’t want to . I passed several hours this way, enjoying it while another part of myself berated my laziness. An ongoing fight I have with myself whenever I relax when I “could” be working. I’m always afraid if I give in to my impulses I might never get out of bed again. An object at rest stays at rest, etc. I always forget I am not some kind of perpetual motion machine, and that sometimes humans need downtime in order to be productive, especially after teaching 11 hoop classes in two days (I taught my first kids workshops and they were fantastic, but exhausting). I’ve been working on releasing guilt about taking down time for myself, but like all things, it’s a work in progress.

The thing is though, after a couple hours of serious chillaxing, I got up, got dressed and went for a run. After this post, I plan on taking a yoga class, doing dishes, making lunch and setting off to my afternoon appointments.

Being lazy for a couple hours set me up to be far more joyfully productive for the rest of the day, rather than dragging myself through my obligations. It always does, and I have never really gotten ‘stuck’ on lazy (not for more than a day or two). Why do I continue to resist, when I know it’s all just part of the natural cycle of my energy flow?

Lessons surrounding this resistance keep coming up for me. A few days ago, Danielle Laport wrote an amazing piece on what happens to you after a breakthrough (You shrink after you expand, but don’t worry, not all the way back to baseline). The main takeaway for me was to be gentle with myself after doing something major. A little downtime is required and perfectly appropriate.

A day or two before reading that article, I pulled some Goddess cards for myself, and the card for my future was Maeve:

maeveThe Celtic Goddess who asks us to honor our cycles and rhythms. She reminds us that there is a cycle to all of creation, even to the sun, the moon and the stars. Why should we be worried or upset when we have the cycles of energy as well. She asks us to honor them, and understand they are a sacred part of our experience.

I’m trying, Maeve, I really am. Riding the waves, and enjoying the highs, and allowing myself to accept and even embrace and enjoy the lows as well. Snuggling with kitties and reading is a whole lot more enjoyable when I admit that it’s just as important and productive as anything else I could be doing. RnR is an essential part of life.

I am so grateful to have had the time to do some of my favorite things, finding balance between work and rest, expansion and contraction, and allowing time to integrate all of the awesome.

What’s your favorite way of resting, relaxing and renewing yourself? Do you ever feel guilty about it? If so, stop it! Stop it right now, and let’s relax together so we have enough steam to light up the world and do all the things!

When Earth and Fire Collide! Blossoming Into Beltane

by commelmare ccby2.0 May is here, and it finally, legitimately, feels like winter is truly behind us (of course it just might snow once more on May long weekend, to the chagrin of campers out for the first time of the season).

With May comes Beltane, the fertility festival halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice! This is the time when the Sun and Earth, God and Goddess unite in a sacred dance that creates life. The joint forces of the masculine and feminine principles are the fuel for all of creation. This is where the tradition of the Maypole comes from, by the way.  Often celebrated May 1st, this year, the exact astrological point of Beltane is May 6th.  My elemental mentor Lisa Michaels details more about Beltane on her blog here, including how you can use these energies to fuel your creations. This is a great time to check in with the intentions you planted during the winter solstice, and you can use the fiery, grounded energy of this time to fuel them.

A perfect way to honor the marriage of Earth, the physical realm and Fire, the action realm is to dance. To be action embodied, in celebration of life itself. This year, to celebrate, I danced wearing as many flowers as I could to represent the blossoming season. Yes, my flowery plants were falling down, but I was having too much fun to stop. How will you be celebrating the start of our summer growing season and the sacred marriage of the divine masculine and feminine?

Spring Hoop Dance Series With Infinity Hoopdance

Photo by Cadencia Photography
Photo by Cadencia Photography

This spring, we’re happy to be joining forces with Infinity Hoopdance, teaching her weekly hoop dance series while Nina is out traveling and gathering new hoop dance and facilitation skills to bring back to Edmonton.

The beginner class is SOLD OUT (contact Nina to be placed on the waitlist) but there are still spaces left in the Intermediate and Advanced class.

I’m so excited to share a weekly space with beautiful hooperbeings. We will be exploring lots of interesting tricks, but more importantly to me, hoop dance concepts.

There is so much more to moving with a hoop than just trick and techniques. We will dive into self expression, storytelling and

flow using 7 elements as an archetypal structure and guide on our seven week journey. Through the series we will play with the concepts of earth, air, water, fire, space, light and sound. These elements will inform what we focus on each day.

I can’t wait to dance with you!

BEGINNER HOOPDANCE: (SOLD OUT: Contact Nina for waiting list)
Thursdays, March 19 – April 30 from 6 – 7:30pm

Thursdays, March 19 – April 30 from 7:45 – 9:30 pm

All classes will be at King Edward Park Hall (7708-85 St) near Whyte Ave/Bonnie Doon

These classes fill up fast. Reserve your space here!

Check out the event on facebook as well

Aquarius (Super) New Moon- Let Your Freak Flag Fly!


On January 30th, we have another super new moon, the second this year. It just happens to be in Aquarius, the archetypal transcendental sign of new ideas and heightened consciousness.  How exciting! The energy this new moon brings is full of powerful transformation, openness and new adventures. Aquarius is an Air sign, bringing uplifting energy, visionary perspective and an increased power to our focus and intentions.

Mystic Mama always collects the most wonderful astrological  insights and I love everything about this post describing the joyous energy we’re moving into right away. Kelly Rosano’s message revved me up:

The Aquarius New Moon represents freedom and liberation. Liberate your mind first and your freedom will follow. Aquarius reminds you to follow the beat of your own drum. Be unique. Be original. Be who you really are. Take a walk on the weird side of life. You may find a part of yourself that has been begging for expression….  

….You may break free from bad habits and relationships. You could awaken to your divine destiny. You are no longer distracted by fear and doubt. You are ready to be who you were born to be. You are prepared to stand in your divine power and shine your light. This energy promotes your creative self-expression…”

How perfectly apropos. This weekend I attended a Kryon conference (which was amazing, as always) and received an intuitive message from a group member during an exercise which seemed timely with this exciting Aquarian energy. She said “Now is the time to make the great leap forward!” My reply was a simple “Ok, will do!” I feel  completely ready to take that leap. My connection to spirit and our true divine nature is stronger than ever. I have no doubts about surrendering to whatever comes after this leap. No fear in my heart, just excitement about what’s to come. I’m so ready. Bring it!

If you’re reading this, know that it’s your time to shine brave lightworker. It’s ok to let your freak flag fly. Be yourself, be free and be gloriously happy. The more authentic you are to yourself, the more light you shine. The more you shine, the more we light up the world.

Have fun, do whatever feels right, regardless of how random, silly or completely mundane it is. Feed your soul by exploring your own truth, which will be different from my own, and from everyone else’s. It’s time to live the life of your dreams and have more fun than you could have ever imagined doing it!

Me Living My Dreams in Bali photo by Cadencia Photography
Me Living My Dreams in Bali photo by Cadencia Photography

2014 – The Year Of Radical Self Love

Happy New Year to you all!!!  I know I’m a little late to the party, but the month had a busy start!

I spend the first few hours of 2014 in Cuba, swimming naked in the ocean under the stars with some friends. It was one of the most magical and sublime nights of my life.

The early morning air had just enough chill to make the water feel like it was hugging you with it’s warmth. When I wasn’t giggling, and jumping through waves, I was looking up at the stars. I wanted to get lost in them, but then a wave would knock into me and I would start to pay attention to the ocean again. I felt completely safe and utterly cradled in Gaia’s arms. I was as full of gratitude as I have ever been.

While we were frolicking and cavorting in the water, my husband (my hero) was bribing a guard to keep us from getting kicked out of the resort! Apparently night swimming is frowned upon, but the ocean was full of New Year’s Eve reveler’s.

It was the perfect way to start a new year. Completely at home in my body, in the ocean even in another part of the world. It was one of those transcendental experiences where you feel the deepest connection to everything as part of yourself. Perfectly fitting for my theme for the year, Radical Self Love. Last year’s theme of Radical Self Care taught me so much and I’ll continue to glean lessons from my body for the rest of my days, but this year I want to focus less on self care and self improvement, and more on sheer loving acceptance of myself as a perfectly imperfect being. It’s not that I’m done with striving for improvement, but I want to relish in loving every part of the process, every part of the journey and every part of myself.

I’m excited to be here, right now, on the other side of the epic year of 2013. Self love,
(which is sounding dirtier the more I type it) in all forms feels like it will help me integrate all the lessons I’ve been plowing through over the last while. I’m keep to slow down a bit and really enjoy. I know I’ll be traveling less, and writing more. I want to write about this last year, so I may not be blogging as much… But I’ll still be thinking of you, and sending you love.



November Is Over! Do You Know What That Means?

December 1st today.
Image from


Here are my top 5 reasons why I’m happy it’s December, and I’m not including the fact that I have NOTHING I need to do today, although maybe that should be my number 1!

1- No Sugar November is OVER! Made it through with only a couple minor slip ups, like accidentally eating Honey Ham the whole time. Neither my husband nor I noticed until about the 20th. The take-away? Well, I realized that I feel fantastic without it.So fantastic I haven’t raced out to break the sugar fast. I’m still sugar free at 2pm today. I don’t know if I want to go back to my old ways. I’m not going to be so careful with things like sugar in a sauce, and I’m sure I’ll do the odd bit of raw honey here and there but I think I want to stay on this sugar free train for awhile longer. I did buy my husband a honeycomb to celebrate though. He loved it, and said now he knows why a bear likes honey!

2- The sun and the moon are in Sagittarius right now. I may be biased as my sun is in Sag, but I think it’s the most awesome sign, and I love the warm expansive fire energy it brings. Some info on what you can do with this Sagittarius new moon from Lisa Michaels right here.

3- My birthday is on Thursday, but my party is tomorrow. I’m going to go play at Edmonton’s new trampoline park, Launchpad! So stoked to go be silly and bounce my way into my 31st year!

4- Only a month to go in my project; the year of listening to my body. It’s been a wild and crazy ride, surpassing every expectation I had. I can’t wait to see what this last month brings.

5- Only 3 more weeks left of work (and they shall be crazy weeks, I’m sure). Then I’m on vacation from the 22nd of December till the 4th of January. We’re going to Cuba for a wedding on the 27th, and it will be the first trip away this year that’s purely recreational. I’m not sure what I’ll wind up doing with myself with no classes to attend or family to visit, but basically I get to go to a tropical island in the dead of winter with my husband and a bunch of our friends with no personal agenda (other than attending the wedding). Should be the perfect way to celebrate the end of this perfect year and to ring in the start of the new one!

Notice that Christmas is not in my top 5?  Well, it’s never been my fav, in fact, I used to hate it with a passion. I’ve healed that hurt though, and while it’s still not in my top 5, or even top 10, I’m not dreading Christmas this year, and that is a WIN for me!


Sugar Free Novemeber

I have been challenged to a duel.

My husband stated that there was no way I could go a month without sugar.

I’m can’t quite remember what prompted the statement. I think we may have been discussing my love for chocolate.

“Ha!” I scoffed. ” Me? The one who hasn’t had a drink in over 10 months? Mrs. Willpower??? I’d be fine, YOU would be the one who couldn’t go a month without sugar!”

Suddenly, it was on like Donkey Kong.



We decided it would be too hard to enforce while I was traveling in Arizona and Jer wanted to wait till after his birthday. The logical time to start was just after Halloween, on November 1st.

That’s today.

I had my last chocolate bar (ok, two chocolate bars) at 10pm last night. I felt slightly sick afterwards, which is a great start. It’ll make it easier to keep the monkey off my back.

Our rules are simple. No processed/added sugars. Naturally occurring sugars in fruits and veggies are fine. I argued to keep raw local honey as I think there are lots of health benefits, but since he doesn’t like raw honey that didn’t really go over too well.

I’m not a sugar fiend by any stretch. I don’t like candy. Really, the only sugar I crave is in chocolate, but I can be satisfied with raw cacao. The trickier part for me will be avoiding the convenience of things like gluten free bread. We’re going to wind up eating a lot of unprocessed whole foods and I’m pretty stoked about it, but by mid-November, I’ll probably be jonesing for some Udi’s Chia Millet bread toasted with natural PB.

Should be an interesting challenge though. I think the healthy competition might be a fun way of spicing up our relationship. Maybe. I can’t say I’ll be a gracious winner. There might be an “In your face!” or “Suck it!” that slips out, much to my chagrin. Mostly because he started it. This whole thing was his idea and I don’t think he’s ever really seen my super competitive side. Hopefully he finds it cute and endearing.

Let’s DO THIS!

Happy Samhain!

Photo by Plutor cc by 2.0
Photo by Plutor cc by 2.0

I’ve always loved Oct 31st.

Halloween has been my favorite holiday since, well, probably forever. The reasons why keep changing and evolving though.

I’ve always loved the idea of dressing up, having fun and getting candy from strangers. As I got older, it was still an excuse for ridiculous costumes and festival style mayhem after festival season was over.

This year though, Halloween was feeling different for me. I wasn’t quite as stoked about the drunken debauchery side of things (being sober takes some of the fun of that away, and I get to dress up in crazy costumes with my hoop troupe all the time). I was still looking forward to the day but it seemed more nostalgic than anything. That is, until I participated in a Samhain ceremony online for the Priestess Process with Lisa Michaels.  It completely re-framed my love for this time of year.

Samhain is a cross-quarter day on the wheel of the year between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. It’s the third and last harvest festival day which honors the falling away of the old cycle and the beginning of the new. I’ve been consciously working with the wheel of the year since the Winter Solstice last year and this is the last major point on the wheel before coming back to that very magical starting place.

Through the ceremony, we were encouraged to honor our own harvest; to list all the blessings we’ve had this year, everything we are grateful for. My list was HUGE, and I could have gone on for many pages. I have so very much to be grateful for and so much of that was specifically because of the seeds of intention for the year that were planted on and after last winter solstice, Dec 21, 2012. Thinking about the magnificence of all that I’ve done was both awesome and humbling.

At Samhain, we’re marking the start of the darkest time of the year (in our Hemisphere at least). This is a time where the past and future meet and the veil between worlds are thinner. We have the chance to honor our ancestors, and to reflect on what has passed and what is to come.

This is a time where we step back into the womb or move into hibernation…. A perfect time to set an intention to gestate whatever you want to bring forth over the next year. I set my intention to gestate the book that I want to write about all the amazing things I’ve done this year, and to open my power to communicate my direct experience of divine love, bliss and joy effectively, so I can share it with the world.

It’s also a potent time to release whatever is no longer serving you, and as I did on the Aries full moon while I was out in Sedona, I release any old blocks, patterns of behavior and thought, any limiting beliefs that I have that no longer serve me, especially from all of my past lives.

I feel ready to retreat within to myself and really reflect deeply on the seeds I want to plant his year with the upcoming solstice. I woke up this morning (after about 9 hours of sleep) wishing I could go back to bed and stay asleep all day. In the ceremony today, Lisa gave us all permission to honor this hibernation time by sleeping more, relaxing and being gentle with ourselves. I really needed to hear that. I have trouble giving into my urges to be lazy… I feel better when I make them productive somehow, and I compromised this morning by allowing my shivasana after yoga to be a long, deep, half hour meditation under a fuzzy blanket.

I pulled a card from each element in my Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle and put together this unified field message for myself today: By letting go of what no longer serves me, I am holding space for my essence expression to have complete freedom, which is my path to perfect stewartship of all that is.

I encourage you to spend a part of today, in between taking kids trick or treating (or playing tricks on kids) to think about what seeds of creation you want to plant in your life next year and take those seeds deep into yourself as we hibernate during the darkest time of the year. I also encourage you to give yourself permission to rest and to be gentle with yourself. As the days grow colder and darker, spend a little extra time cuddled up under a warm blanket and know that it’s ok to slow down right now, to relax and enjoy before the days start getting longer again.



The magical land of Sedona!
The magical land of Sedona!

Sacred Circularities in Sedona.

I have been waiting for this for a long, long time.

Eagerly waiting, I might add.

Ann Humphreys and Jaguar Mary were in Sedona together about 2 years ago.

They danced on the land and felt it’s power, and thought “Hey! This would be an amazing place for a hoop retreat!”

Since Jaguar Mary is the primary creatrix of the legendary Sacred Circularities hoop dance and movement meditation retreats, she conspired to make it happen.

The Sedona retreat was scheduled for December 2012.

I’m pretty sure I was the first to sign on, about a minute after tickets went on sale in January 2012.

Sedona is my favorite place on the plane and hoop dance is one of my favorite things as you know, so I was going to be there no matter what. Even though I work in the restaurant industry, with December being the busiest time of the year and my biggest cash cow, I was going to be there somehow.

I went to Sedona on a Soul Adventure in 2010. It was as epic as it sounds. Completely amazing, life affirming wonderfully awesomely amazing. Did I say amazing? Well, it was. Sedona is magical. The area has been held as sacred for many, many generations, and has a deeply uplifting spiritual power. The land is full of energetic vortexes,  which, if you are sensitive to energy, are incredibly intense to visit.

Me, on a rock, in Sedona
Me, on a rock, in Sedona



As excited as I was for the event, it turned out that December was a bad time for everyone, so the retreat was rescheduled to October 2013. I was relieved when I found out about the date change. I wasn’t disappointed as I knew this would work out better for everyone, myself included.

I have had a LOT of time to be excited for this though, and I can’t believe it’s almost here. After traveling to Bali for Sacred Circularities in April, I have a better idea of just how much awesome this will entail!

The  retreat center itself looks spectacular, the schedule looks amazing, and I keep hearing about little touches that will make it even better, like smoothies from my favorite restaurant in Sedona, The Chocola Tree available in between classes. Just as refreshing as the young coconuts (from the trees right beside our hoop space) opened for us during class in Bali.

I’ve spent the last 2 years imagining how wonderful it will be to hoop on the sacred land in Sedona. I’ve spend the months since Bali waiting to return to the same community atmosphere we had there, and I’ve spend the last couple weeks deciding which hoops to bring. Tonight, I’ll figure out the rest.

I leave tomorrow morning, and I’m spending a day in Sedona soaking up the magic, and going to a few really cool new age practitioners before heading to the retreat on Sunday.

I am beyond excited, because I know this is going to be another life changing, amazing adventure!


Me on a vision quest in Sedona in '09
Me on a vision quest in Sedona in ’09