Hitting The Midway Mark in No Sugar November!

Honestly? It’s been way easier than I expected. For me, at least.

My husband has had some twitchy moments.

He estimates his diet is usually made up of about 30% sugar, so he’s been feeling pretty hungry and cranky much of the time. He also just made the transition from working in a kitchen with access to snacks all the time, to packing a lunch. Without the ease of his go-to sandwich (there’s sugar in bread), finding things to pack has been a challenge.

I’ve actually been surprised  with my experience. It’s actually been quite easy!  Turns out, I really don’t eat a lot of sugar normally anyway!  I’ve cut out the few processed foods that were still in my diet, like the odd piece of gluten free bread, and I haven’t had my normal amount of chocolate, but other than that little has changed.

I have made 4 batches of my secret weapon though, the things that are keeping Jeremy sane (along with Zevia pop).

Coconut Manna Cookies!

Nutiva Coconut Manna is basically the nectar of the gods. It’s creamed coconut in a jar.


The cookies I make are a variation on a recipe on the back of the jar:

1 part manna

1 part coconut oil (I use Nutiva as well)

1 part shredded coconut

1 part hemp seeds

Just mix together and drop onto some parchment or wax paper covered baking sheets.

Top with dried goji berries, almonds or raw cacao nibs (or whatever you like, those are just my fav).

The actual recipe calls for 1 part raw honey, but I’ve always omitted that one. They have a delectable sweetness as is.

They’re also hella-filling and full of amazing fiber, protein and loads of good fats. They’re amazing even for breakfast and keep you full for ages. They aren’t low calorie by any stretch, but they’re nutrition powerhouses, so I don’t really worry about it!

I’m going to need to make another batch tomorrow before work. The only issue with these cookies is that they really don’t last long in our household! I’m sure I’ll be making a few more before the end of this sugar free month.

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