Medicine Hoop Retreats


Nestled in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Kootanay Mountains, Medicine Hoop Retreats are the perfect way of connecting to your deepest essence through art, nature, nurture, movement, meditation and sacred play.

Activities include Hoop Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dance, Shining, Swimming, Canoing, Hiking, Make your own 3D Needle Felt Goddess or Totem Animal, Art Instruction, Solo Studio Time, Sacred Circles, Planting Seeds, Sauna, Star Gazing, Camp Fire, Food Love, Playing in the Garden…..

Re-wild yourself, and join us at one of the Medicine Hoop Retreats this year. Tickets are on sale now!  One week available in 2015: July 31st- August 3rd,

Special pre-sale available now for 2016 as well, with two weeks to choose from: July 31st to August 4th and August 7th to 11th. Either week will be amazing, but maybe you should stay for both!


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